Protection Sphere - Twin Flames
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Protection Sphere - Twin Flames

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Placing a Protective Sphere of Pure Energy Around You & Your Twin Flame

Repelling Energy from Inside Your Spheres

Allowing You Both to Feel Safe and Protected



Protection Sphere for Twin Flames

If you are in a true Twin Flame relationship, whether physically connected or not, then your energy is very joined and shared, so for you to be fully protected, your twin flame needs to be fully protected too. 

Often when we are attacked then that will trigger attacks to happen on our twin and vice versa. It can feel and be almost impossible to get free of all the attacks, which are so much more intense for Light Souls who are true twin flames, unless you work on both of your energy at the same time. 

This audio does that for you, placing the protection sphere around both you and your twin's energy and all joint and shared energy. 

Protection Sphere

I have updated many of my audios over the years and this Protection Sphere Audio is a more powerful version of my Pure Protection and Repelling All Evil Audio. The more I have worked on my own energy, the more my channel has opened and become more powerful and so newer audios have more powerful Pure Frequency flowing to them. Also there is different wording for this new audio, April 2024.

Light Souls are attacked, that is just how life has been with the dark needing to attack us to stay in power. The shift of power has changed from dark being in control to Light being in control energetically, but the dark is lashing out and attacking anyone they can reach.

Certain things will trigger the dark to attack us more, and revoking black magic, demons, dark entities and working to be free of their control is something that will trigger them to attack you more and to try and keep a hold of you and to not let you go and be free of the dark. Having this Protection Sphere Audio playing on silent loop will hugely reduce these attacks from happening, assisting you to raise your frequency to be above their reach and in too a high a frequency to be attacked - doesn't that sound amazing! And it's not a fairytale, I've done this for myself and the feeling at first is surreal, disbelief, almost expecting the worst and it takes some time and releasing to let this go and know that you are safe and that the attacks have stopped, provided you keep your frequency high. 

Protection Sphere Twin Flame Energy Work

This audio has powerful energy work to surround you, your twin flame and all joint and shared energy in a sphere of Pure Protection and to repel all energies from inside this sphere of protection. 

The energy work on this audio includes:

  • The Full Pure Power of the Cosmos and Pure Consciousness protects and surrounds you, your twin flame and all joint and shared energy, and your home in a sphere of Pure Consciousness.
  • Asking Archangel Michael to watch over you, our twin flame and all joint and shared energy, and ensure you are safe and protected. 
  • Cosmos Command revoke, release and repel all dark energies, entities and frequencies from inside your spheres of protection.
  • This energy work is done through all times, realms, dimensions, timelines, realities, existences, known and unknown. 

About this Audio

  • This audio is around 2 mins 18.
  • Main track with audible powerful energy work
  • Some gentle echo on the Cosmos Clearing at the end
  • 3 Silent Filling Tracks
  • Silent Ungrounding Track
  • Silent Clearing Track
  • Silent Floating Track
  • Format - mp3 downloads 

Listening Advice

This audio does need to be played on loop, silent or low volume to be full effective, but please do start slowly by listening just once and playing a Clearing Audio afterwards, and slowly increasing the number of times you play to being on loop 24/7. 

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