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Loving You

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Loving You - Discover Your True Inner Self

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A light hearted and easy to read book, written to help you discover Your True Inner Self.

Loving You has been written to be light hearted, fun and to appeal to everyone from 9 to 90! It is also easy to understand and full of truly amazing ideas and practical tools and advice on how we can all make a positive difference to the world we live in.

It has powerful 'releases' that will get rid of our emotional baggage and programming that is stopping us from 'being our true selves'. It has advice and exercises on how to 'feel' what is a 'real truth' for you, what will make you happy, and how you can change your life and choose to be happy.

Learn a new way to view life and how to live through your feelings, following your heart’s desire. You will be amazed how much better your life can become!


Many books have been written for self help and changing who you are. I have read many books trying to improve my own life, but I have never read a book that contains 'releases' and exercises that are so powerful that your vibration changes on reading them and you are no longer the same person, that you were before you read them. These releases will raise your vibration, so you can see yourself and life through different eyes! Each time you read or re-read a release it will work again on the next layer of junk that needs removing from your energy field. There is no need for anyone to be spiritual or know anything about energy. All that is needed is a willingness to read and be open to change.

I have had all the life issues, grief, sadness, relationship break-ups, money issues, and chronic illness that most of us have had, and through finding ways to overcome these, I have found solutions that can help anyone who is willing to choose to Love!

"Reading this book is like sitting down and having a warm and loving chat with Michelle about changing your energy field and raising your vibration. Michelle has explained a very complex process in terms that are easy to understand. She has shared her releasing methods to help all of us who are wanting to improve our lives, raise our vibrations, and raise the vibration of the whole. Thank you Michelle, for your thoughtful and caring book.
Thank you for what you are doing to bring joy, love, and light into the World."

— Amy Sullivan (USA) 

"Hi Michelle - I received the book this morning and had finished it by late afternoon. I loved it! Both the style and the contents. Brilliant ! A little gem, like the front cover I shall enjoy revisiting it often. There is an abundance of wisdom within its pages. Thank you for sharing it."  :)

— Nickie Hart (UK)

"Everybody should own at least one copy of this book as it holds within it’s pages truly life transforming information which can honestly change your life for the better in every area you could imagine possible and this book will never be outdated and no matter how many times you read it you will learn something new each time ...It truly just captivates you from reading the very first page right through to the end ..
Many Thanks beautiful Michelle for giving this beautiful gift to the World!"  — Isha (UK)

"Hi Michelle I’ve read your book today, couldn’t put it down and found it really inspiring. The exercises are really helpful and the energy quotes are very healing. Thank you a great self help book to keep looking back on and I really look forward to reading the next!"  — Fran (UK)

 "Michelle I loved the book it was amazing to read and really great to follow and do some of the exercises. I loved the fact that the book fitted in my hand bag and it travelled with me to Australia on my last trip home . I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to deepen their work."  — Rosie, (UK)

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