I AM Statements
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I AM Statements

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Powerful energy work honouring your I AM presence & aligning with this powerful frequency

Hearing & speaking these statements out loud or to yourself will align you to your I AM presence!


Aligning to Your I AM Presence!

 I'm sure that you are aware that we are energy and everything around us that we connect to, visible and invisible is energy too. It is like we are all a magnet and we align with like magnets around us. If the energy around us is low, or our thoughts and stored energy is low, then we are aligning with low frequency which gives us a 'low frequency' life when we're wanting a high frequency life. 

Our I AM presence is the highest frequency of Pure Consciousness, Pure Creator, God or any other name you like to use for this high Pure frequency. 

To be in our full Pure Creation Power we need to align with the frequency of Pure Creation. This means we need to raise our frequency to be equal or very close to Pure Creation.

Listening to these powerful I AM Statements and repeating them daily will help you to align your energy to the frequency of each I AM Statement. Doing this is more powerful than just reading I AM Statements for the following reasons:

  • Voice is wave of energy so hearing the I AM Statement is aligning you to that energy wave / frequency
  • My energy is very high from the energy work I've done and do daily so hearing my voice gives a high frequency energy wave
  • Repeating the statement is you intentionally sending out your energy wave to align to the statement

 The I AM Statements

You will receive a written list of all the I AM Statements included on the audio. 

I repeat the main statements 3 times, with space between for you to repeat the statement after me. Most of the statements are short enough to remember and repeat. 

As you probably know, I work with Pure Energies so I have included I AM Statements for those energies that I work with along with other positive statements that align with Pure Consciousness and are free of human made concepts such as money and wealth. 

Some of the Statements Incude:

  • I AM Pure Peace
  • I AM Pure Stillness
  • I AM Pure Light
  • I AM Pure Truth
  • I AM Pure Wisdom
  • I AM Pure Love
  • I AM Pure Joy
  • I AM Pure Abundance
  • I AM Pure Consciousness
  • Pure Consciousness sets me free
  • I AM Pure Consciousness, I am free of all evil
  • I AM Pure Consciousness, I am free of all impure frequencies
  • I AM Pure Consciousness, I am in my full Pure Creation Power Now
  • I AM slim, fit, healthy and filled with vitality!
  • I AM happy and filled with joy!
  • I AM kind, caring and radiate love to myself, my life and our world
  • I AM inspired, creative and love my life and my life purpose!
  • I AM wise and receive knowledge and wisdom from Pure Consciousness

And More!

About the Audio

Please note that this High Frequency Energy Work, so use with caution if driving or needing your full focus, and please don't loop them!

Audio - mp3 download, Length: Approx 11 mins 50  


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jill Williams
I am statements

I refer this to anyone who wants to keep their vibes up. I absolutely love affirmations. So this is a plus for anyone who likes to stay in the best high vibes possible. I love repeating them. This I feel will help you to reprogram yourself to be in a better positive mind set. Thanks again Michelle for another awesome audio. ❤ Jill..

Pure Creation Power

I highly recommend the I AM Statements , as far as I am concerned this is the most powerful audio Michelle has made so far .Just looking at the picture before clicking on it the energy is already emanating. When I listen to it I feel this high energy wave carrying me into a blissful state. It is also possible to participate & repeat the statements which makes it even stronger .I really enjoy this frequency which is helping us to shift from 3D/4D reality to 5D reality. This is a great gift . Thank you Michelle !