Health & Physical Body - 4 Audio Package
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Health & Physical Body - 4 Audio Package

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Are You Looking After Your Energy & Health?

Give your body a total energetic spring clean with this amazing Health & Physical Body 4 Audio Package. 

Listening to these audios is the quickest, easiest and a very powerful way to cleanse your body systems physical health.


Your Health & Physical Body

All illness and disease starts as energy in our aura and works it's way into our physical body if we don't clear it out.

Cleanse your physical body now and prevent any further illness, then work on any current ailments to reclaim your perfect health!

We cannot expect to be healthy if we don't cleanse the energy inside our body on a regular basis!

This is a comprehensive package of audios to address pain & illness along with the underlying cause of stress in your physical body.

There are 2 short audios that have been designed to give quick release when your pain or stress levels are high and need some immediate action. The other two audios to a thorough release and cleanse of your physical body and body systems, these can be listened to when you have more time to process the energies and relax afterwards, allowing your body to the time to heal.

Listening to these audios is the quickest, easiest and a very powerful way to cleanse your body systems physical health.

This package will release more layers each time you listen and will last you a lifetime.

Health & Physical Body - 4 Audio Package

These audios are mp3 downloads 

Physical Body - General

This is a very short audio, only 1 minute long, but will work powerfully to give you a quick release from any general feelings of illness and pain.

This audio: "Fills removes & sends direct to source, all low vibrations that are causing you physical illness, pain or disease in your body and fills all space created with Divine Energies."


Physical Body - Stress

Again another short release, approx 2 min, which can be played quickly when you feel stressed and are needing a quick de-stress release. It can be played in a playlist with 'Filling Audios' and a 'Clearing Audio' if you are feeling really stressed and wish to shift it out quickly or know you have lots of stored stress in your body.

This audio: Releases and sends all stress in your physical body to direct source, and then releases stress from the major areas in the body where it is often stored, including your:

  • Mind
  • Neck & shoulders
  • Adrenals
  • Muscles
  • Nervous system

and releasing all stress and illness from the whole of your physical body and filling all space with Divine Light, a very powerful Divine energy to really shift out the illness energies and ensure they are repelled in the future.


Physical Body - Head to Toe!

This audio is 7 mins and Releases any energies causing stress, pain and illness in your body, working the way down your body from your head to your feet including the following:-

  • Head, brain, mind, thinking and beliefs
  • Eyes, nose, ears & sinuses
  • Face, skin, teeth, hair
  • Throat, communication & expression
  • Neck & Shoulders
  • Arms, elbows, wrists, hands, fingers & thumbs
  • Back & spine
  • Torso, pelvis, hips & bottom
  • Legs, knees, ankles, feet, toes


Physical Body - Body Systems

This is a longer release, designed to start to clear out the stored energies and unwanted low vibrations from your energy field that are causing any illness.

This audio: "Fills, removes & sends direct to source all energies causing illness in your internal organs & body systems including:-

  • Adrenals, thyroid, parathyroid, hypothalamus,
  • Heart, lungs, kidneys, liver
  • Reproductive organs & systems
  • The whole of your respiratory system
  • Digestive system & elimination system
  • Endocrine system & all hormones
  • All of your bones, muscles, nerves and nervous system
  • All of your skin & conditions to do with your skin
  • Circulatory system & heart & blood & lymph"

This is a very powerful release and will really spring clean your energy and whole being from unwanted stored energies when listened to on a regular basis.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
You Will Feel Your Body Detox

I listened to the Health and Body mp3s from Michelle last week. I ran them at night going to sleep.
Usually, I would run them 2-3 times in the evening.
In the morning, my body was definitely going through a lot of releasing. It did not get in the way of going about my day, but at times I felt like I was detoxing and a little tired.
By the next week though, I felt more energy and less joint stress.
What I love is that you can listen to them in a short amount of time, yet you feel it deeply.

It is sooo powerful. I feel the tinglings and energies all the time.

I bought the Physical Health package, it is sooo powerful.
I feel the tinglings and energies all the time.
It's good. I like the feeling.