Floating to Heaven Transmission
Michelle Carter - Divine Channel

Floating to Heaven Transmission

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Feel like You Are Floating into Pure Heaven!

This is such a beautiful audio and experience. Hearing the words 'Pure Heaven' has such energy and feels so amazing.




Floating to Heaven Transmission 

There is so much going on in the world that is not good that we all really need some 'out time' to reconnect to our Pure Inner Essence.

As you imagine yourself being lifted and rising up like a helium balloon, you do actually feel lighter and lighter and may feel a lifting sensation as you listen.

This 'Floating into the Vibration of Heaven' is raising your vibration so energy work is easier to do and your life flows with so much more ease!

The higher we raise our vibration the more we connect with Pure Light, Divine Guidance and allow Divine Flow and Miracles into our lives!

This has to be the easiest and most enjoyable way to raise your vibration that I have come across! If you want your life to improve then this transmission is a must have!

When You Listen to this Audio You will Feel Like You Are:

  • Floating Heaven
  • Lifting & Floating Like a Helium Balloon!
  • Rising Up
  • Lighter, Stillness & Tranquil
  • Having Inner Peace & Joy!

This amazing 'Floating to Heaven' Transmission walks you through feeling a lifting and rising feeling for the whole of your being, including:-

  • Your Mind & Beliefs
  • Physical Body
  • Throat Communication & Expression
  • Spirit & Emotions
  • Heart
  • Soul
  • Infinite Being & Past Lives
  • Energy Field
  • Whole of Your Being

This transmission is multi-layered so you have other silent layers working in the background to ensure you do feel amazing! There is also a low volume layer of Filling with Pure Love, which will fade in and out of your headphones as you listen.

Audio - mp3 download, Length: Approx 9 1/2 minutes


This ‘Floating to Heaven Transmission’ really feels so nurturing and supportive. It almost instantly brings a sense of peace and calm- and all parts of me feel so nurtured by this energy. I love it! I truly know that we are connecting to Heaven and it does feel ‘Heavenly’!
— Kimber, USA

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