Releasing & Floating Above Spells & Curses
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Releasing & Floating Above Spells & Curses

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Feeling Attacked - Is it Spells & Curses?

Spells are very nasty energy and can happen at any time and appear totally random to you, or you could think that you're being clumsy or unlucky. Many people go through their whole lives thinking it is them and have no idea that they are actually being affected by spells and curses.


Releasing & Floating Above Spells & Curses 

If you are feeling attacked or cursed then chances are that you are because our feelings are pretty accurate!

So many people don't believe that spells and curses actually exist so this can cause us to doubt what we are feeling.

Society is very mind programmed and this is a subject that most people either don't want to discuss or think it is a load of rubbish! This can make it really hard to get the help needed to release spells and curses, and have control of your life back!

Doing nothing will not change what is happening! Powerful specific energy work is needed to shift out this nasty spell and curse energy from you and your life.

Spells & curses can include:

  • Odd accidents & injuries?
  • Cuts & burns?
  • Always accident prone?
  • Acne, warts, veruccas, moles?
  • Grey hair, hair loss, premature ageing?
  • Patterns of bad that don't shift?
  • Relationships always going wrong?
  • Jobs and money feeling cursed?

This audio really is a God send to those people whose lives are being plagued by spells and curses. Many situations and issues are actually caused by a spell or curse without us even knowing this. Recent work on a group has shown that allergies, hay fever etc. can respond well to the spells and curses audio. (This does vary from person to person and not everyone is affected by spells and curses, in fact many people are not.)

Sometimes an issue can be dark energies and sometimes it can be spells and curses and the right release is needed to shift the issue. It is a good idea to work with the Spells & Curses Audio first to release any spell energy and then move onto the dark energy audios afterwards.

The Floating Above Spells & Curses Audio is a very powerful way to remove spells, curses and witchcraft that have been placed on you and your belongings. Any of our belongings can also be affected by spells and curses, often our computers, phones or cars will play up for no reason and then when this spells & curses audio is played the issues just go!

This audio is truly amazing & has been called a piece of Divine Magic! It is very powerful and will not only work on spells & curses placed on you but will also work, when played on loop, for your computer and belongings.

Length: Approx 8 mins (mp3 download)

Recommended Audios to Use with Floating Above Spells & Curses Audio

A Clearing Audio is recommended to keep the releasing spell energy clearing out of your energy field. Clearing for Intense Energies is the most powerful for this.

Pure Source Light Protection, if you're feeling and being attacked then this audio is recommended to work releasing spells and curses.

To start with treat this audio as a releasing audio as it is very powerful.

Once you are used to it you can then build up to listening more often and it can be played on loop with your clearing audio and Pure Protection.

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