Floating into Being
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Floating into Being

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Floating, Feeling & Being Pure Being!

Take your energy vibration to a new higher level!

Floating into Being, raises your vibration and has you feeling amazing!

This energy work on this audio is truly beautiful and such a high, Pure vibration, it really needs to be experienced!


Floating into Being 

There is an amazing peace and stillness that fills you as you raise your vibration into higher energies and Pure Being is up there as one of the Highest Realms!

 As you raise your vibration you will attract more good into your life through the Law of Attraction.

Floating your mind, heart and soul brings more inner harmony and will help move you from thinking to feeling, ie from mind energy into heart and soul energy.


This audio is for people who are used to my energy work and who have already worked with at least one of of the following audios:

and who are wishing to shift into an even high level of awareness, consciousness and vibration.

The energy work is very high vibration and to fully enjoy these amazing energies you need to be used to receiving Pure Energy Transmissions from me.

If you have already worked with my Floating Transmissions then you are in for a treat! This audio is truly amazing and I know you are going to really love it as I do!


  • It feels incredible and amazing to listen and feel these beautiful Pure energies!
  • It really raises your vibration beyond what you have currently experienced!
  • Your new higher vibration will have dark and low energies literally shooting out as they are repelled as your vibration rises!
  • You may well find yourself spontaneously singing and dancing and feeling blissfuly happy for no reason!
  • Feel like you are 'Walking on Clouds', 'Dancing on Water' or 'Flying like a Bird!'


The audio is very simple and clear in intention and is uses these 3 phrases throughout the audio

'Floating into the Vibration of', 'Feeling the Vibration of', 'Being the Vibration of'

on the following energies:

  • Pure Heaven
  • Pure Love
  • Pure Light
  • Pure Peace
  • Pure Joy
  • Pure Wisdom
  • Pure Truth
  • Pure Abundance
  • Pure Flow
  • Pure Being

Layering: Echo on each phrase which is beautifully done, and the echos flow in and out of your left and right headphones allowing the energy work to be accepted many times and on deeper levels, going through your sub-conscious and conscious mind. Incredibly beautiful and powerful to listen to.

Audio - mp3 download, Length: Approx 9.55 mins


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