Floating & Being Your Mind, Heart & Soul
Michelle Carter Divine Channel

Floating & Being Your Mind, Heart & Soul

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Do you want to feel like your are Floating into the Vibration of Heaven?

This beautiful transmission floats your mind, heart and soul into the Vibration of Heaven, raising you into a Higher Realm, so you feel peace and stillness and an amazing lightness!


Floating & Being Your Mind, Heart & Soul

The more aligned and in harmony our mind, heart and soul are the more we can be in Divine Flow.

We know that 'Like Attracts Like' so if we want to 'Feel and Be the Vibration of Being' then we need to be this vibration. However, It's not that simple to just 'Be' something that we are not! This audio has been designed to raise your vibration and frequency so each time you listen you float into a higher and higher vibration, moving closer and closer into feeling and being that elusive place of 'Just Being!'

Enjoy these amazing transmissions as they flow to your mind, heart and soul:

  • Floating into the Vibration of Heaven
  • Feeling the Vibration of Heaven
  • Feeling Peace & Stillness
  • Feeling Pure Love
  • Feeling Pure Light & Truth
  • Being the Vibration of Heaven 

This is the place where we live through our feelings, with no thoughts and beliefs interrupting the process. A place of total inner peace and stillness, where we are able to feel our dreams and desires and that deep pure inner feeling will create them into our physical lives. Obviously this takes time and is not going to be an instant process, but each time you listen to this beautiful transmission you will connect more deeply, feel more deeply and become closer to the 'Vibration of Being'.

The channeling for this audio required a beautiful 'Angel like softness', which you can hear and feel as Michelle flows the energies to you. This softly spoken voice makes the transmission very pure and beautiful to listen to. Please note that it is at a lower volume than other audios Michelle has recorded and it is recommended that this audio is listened to on it's own and not mixed with other audios. 

This transmission is multi-layered with silent layers working in the background to clear any energies that may release as you are listening to ensure you feel the pure beauty of this transmission.

Audio - mp3 download, Length: Approx 11 1/4 minutes


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