Filling Your Energy Field
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Filling Your Energy Field

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Raise Your Frequency

Filling Your Energy Field


 Filling Your Energy Field

Our energy field is so important because it is our protection from energies outside of us. It's is a bit like the hard shell of crabs and other animals that have a shell, except that our energy field is invisible to the human vision.

When we have a strong energy field we are radiating our Pure Frequency, love, peace, creativity, fun and enthusiasm out to the world. 

When our energy field is weak or damaged then energies from outside of us are able to enter into our energy field and access our physical body, causing illness. 

Someone with a strong energy field is going to repel illness, so if you have any physical illness then your energy field needs strengthening. This is also true for our emotions and any other issues that we might have. A strong energy field will repel other people's emotions and intentions from us and will be radiating out our high emotions and intentions to those around us and this is the reason why some people are physically repelled from us when we are close to them, because their energy does not like our high energy - opposites repel by Natural Law.

The more you fill your energy field, the more you are repelling energies outside of you and radiating out your own beautiful energy frequency!

This makes your energy field very important, something that needs to be worked on consistently to keep it strong and working for us. Having a strong energy field is especially important for anyone having dark and psychic attacks, to prevent any possession of your physical body. 

Filling Your Energy Field Audio

The wording on this audio is simple, filling your energy with the following Pure Frequencies:

  • Pure Peace
  • Pure Stillness
  • Pure Love
  • Pure Light
  • Pure Truth
  • Pure Wisdom

Flowing these Pure Energies to and through your Energy Field.

Raise Your Frequency

Raising your frequency is so important because not only does it align us to the frequency of attracting good and manifesting our desires to us, but it also protects us against lower energies and really protects us.

When your frequency is really high, it will repel lower energies and frequencies from you, so it is the best protection you can have, as well as feeling so good to be living in a high frequency.

About This Audio

Adding this audio to your Shift the Frequency Audios will keep your frequency high between listening to those releasing and disconnecting audios, which makes the shifting out of the low and unwanted energies easier.

This audio can also be played on loop once you are used to it, to really work on calming and balancing your adrenals.

The audio is very simple and clear in intention.

It repeats the following words throughout the audio

"Cosmos Filling Your Energy with Pure Peace, Pure Stillness, Pure Love, Pure Light, Pure Truth and Pure Wisdom

Flowing (Pure Energy) to and through your Energy Field'

Audio - mp3 download, Length: Approx 2.50 mins

Listening Advice

Please start by listening just once and playing a Clearing Audio afterwards, especially if you are new to my energy work. 

Once you are used to this audio and the more powerful energies in it you can play more often and build up to loop this audio.

It will work on silent loop, but is more powerful when you listen through headphones. 

Free On Going Support!

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