Disconnecting from Dark Attacking Your Heart
Michelle Carter

Disconnecting from Dark Attacking Your Heart

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  • Protect Your Heart from Attacks
  • Disconnect from the Matrix
  • Feel More Love Flowing from Your Heart

Disconnecting from Dark Attacking Your Heart

Our heart and love energy has been very attacked by dark energies and entities and this is intentional because our Pure Creation Power comes from our love energy.

We have been lied to about love and been fed false role models of relationships by TV shows, movies and society in general. 

These lies include 'love hurts' - never has there been a more untrue statement. Love is Pure and feels so amazing it's beyond this world and what most people ever really experience. What hurts is emotional pain from lack of love, rejection, feeling abandoned, betrayed and heartbreak. (I do have Shift the Frequency Audios for these emotions.)

When we understand energy and know that every emotion is a frequency, then it becomes clear that the emotions that hurt us are not love, that they come from a dark source and are not from Pure Source and are not who we truly are inside. 

We can build up protective barriers around our heart, often called 'heart barriers' that separate us from feeling our Pure open heart and our inner love. These barriers not only cause issues with us feeling safe to trust people and love relationships in particular, but they also cut us off from our Divine Pure Creation Power, making life a challenge. 

This audio works to disconnect you from the Matrix for having heart barriers and releases those heart barriers so you can feel more loving and allow love in.

Disconnecting from Dark - Heart

The energy work on this audio includes:

  • Filling with Pure & Divine Energies
  • Floating into Pure Vibrations including Floating into Pure Heaven
  • Disconnecting & Cutting Ties from dark energies
  • Releasing dark energies
  • Clearing releasing energies
  • Filling with Pure Energies
  • Floating into Pure Energies

This audio has echo backing tracks when you listen through headphones which enhances the filling energy work and feels calming, along with silent backing tracks. 

These backing layers are incredibly powerful and are really making the whole disconnecting and releasing process so much easier to do.

The silent backing layers are working to:

  • Float and raise your vibration to make all the energy work easier
  • Disconnect your energy from all dark energies attacking you
  • Clearing all the energies as the leave to Source so you don't feel them
  • Fill your energy with Pure Love, Light, Peace & Truth so you are attracting good to you
  • Floating your energy again after the energy work is done to raise your vibration again

Recommended Audios to Use with this Audio

To keep the releasing energies moving out so you don't feel any of the dark leaving, and to keep you feeling safe and protected, I highly recommend that you work with these audios. Both can be played on silent in the background and played on loop. They will be more powerful if you listen through headphones.

Listening Advice

Please start by listening just once and playing a Clearing Audio afterwards.

 It can take several hours to react to an audio, and sometimes energy can still be coming up days later, so I recommend on listening just once a day for several days and then slowly increase the frequency when you know that you're not being overwhelmed with energies leaving. 

When we release dark energies, they usually react and start to attack us, so for this reason I recommend listening / playing my Pure Protection Audio whilst working with any of my audios in this members only group.

If you have any questions regarding your listening experiences then please message me and join the Members Only Audio Support Group, link in email when you purchase.  

You can also search for #ListeningAdvice for articles that I've already posted.

Audio Details

Audio Format:  mp3 download

Approx Length: 8 - 9 mins


If you have any questions about this audio then please email me.

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