Cutting & Releasing Ties & Bonds
Michelle Carter Divine Channel

Cutting & Releasing Ties & Bonds

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Essential Energy Work for Everyone

Cutting Ties Frees You from the Dark & Negative

Good Energy Cannot be Cut, Pure Frequency Flows & Exists


Cutting & Releasing Ties & Bonds - Archangel of Michael

Cutting ties is an important process to release all negative emotions and stored feelings and memories connecting us to other people and also to situations we have been through.

When we cut ties we are only cutting the negative aspects that connect us, as 'Pure' exists naturally and cannot be removed or taken away.


We will feel so much better after cutting ties especially for:

  • After arguments and disagreements with anyone
  • Separating and getting divorced
  • Leaving home
  • Leaving school, college or jobs
  • Moving house
  • Being abused, attacked, raped
  • Feeling traumatised by any event

Cutting ties is separating us and our energy from who or whatever we are cutting ties to so we can move without the negative energy, emotions and memories affecting us and haunting us. It's a bit like clearing out our cupboards but internally with our energy and getting rid of all that we don't want.

The audio starts by releasing any resistance you may have to cutting the ties and bonds you have with others, through beliefs that you may be cutting good bonds as well as the harmful bonds. It then asks Archangel Michael to cut and release all ties and bonds you have with your parents and family members, any other people you have known and all other energetic links that have influenced your life. The Angel of Love fills you to overflowing with love & joy and both Archangel Michael and the Angel of Love protect and guide you every day.

This is a powerful release, releasing through all time. If you have deep bonds that are not serving you, then you may need to listen regularly until all of the bonds have been cut through all layers of energetic links.

Audio: mp3 download, approx length 2 mins 45s

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