Cosmos Filling Your Pineal Gland & 3rd Eye
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Cosmos Filling Your Pineal Gland & 3rd Eye

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Raise Your Frequency

Filling Your  Pineal Gland & 3rd Eye


Pineal Gland & 3rd Eye

Our Pineal Gland & 3rd Eye are our psychic abilities, such as seeing invisible energy and auras, connecting to the spiritual world, channeling energy, telepathy, remote viewing, telekinesis and all the other psychic abilities that we have heard of and probably many more that we're not aware of yet, or if we are don't really think they are possible.

The blocking of our pineal gland and 3rd Eye is stopping us from having these psychic abilities and definitely stopping us from accessing our highest potential of them.

The more we work on releasing and clearing these blocks and flowing Pure Energy through our pineal gland and 3rd eye, the more we will access these abilities and have a higher level and ability of them. Frequency is powerful and all the blocks that are blocking your pineal gland are a frequency, so flowing a higher frequency through these blocks is powerful and will repel and remove the blocks.

Cosmos Filling Your Pineal Gland

This audio is short and powerful, a bit like knocking back an espresso! It's designed to really fill your pineal gland and 3rd eye, working to open it more and more each time you listen.

There has been so much attacking of our pineal gland to keep us out of our psychic abilities, so we need to really raise the frequency of our pineal gland and 3rd eye to align with Pure Source and be able to fully receive and access the full power of our psychic abilities.

Playing this audio on loop, (once you are used to it,) will really raise the frequency of your pineal gland and 3rd eye and help you access more and more of your psychic abilities.

Raising Your Frequency

Raising your frequency is so important because not only does it align us to the frequency of attracting good and manifesting our desires to us, but it also protects us against lower energies and really protects us.

When your frequency is really high, it will repel lower energies and frequencies from you, so it is the best protection you can have, as well as feeling so good to be living in a high frequency.

About This Audio

Audio - mp3 download, Length: Approx 6 mins

The audio is very simple and clear in intention.

Below is the wording on this audio, repeated for 6 mins:

'Cosmos Filling Your Pineal Gland & 3rd Eye with Pure Light & Pure Truth,

Feeling Pure Light and Pure Truth fill and flow through Your Pineal Gland & 3rd Eye'

Listening Advice

Please start by listening just once and playing a Clearing Audio afterwards, especially if you are new to my energy work.

Once you are used to this audio and the more powerful energies in it you can play more often and build up to loop this audio.

Whilst this audio works on silent loop, listening to this audio through headphones will make this audio more powerful so you can really feel the Pure Light and Truth flowing to your Pineal Gland and 3rd Eye.

Adding this audio to your Shift the Frequency Audios will keep your frequency high between listening to those releasing and disconnecting audios, which makes the shifting out of the low and unwanted energies easier.

If you have any questions regarding your listening experiences then please join my Audio Support Group, here on this private platform, link in email when you purchase. 

You can also search for #ListeningAdvice for articles that I've already posted.

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