Cosmos Filling Your Mind
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Cosmos Filling Your Mind

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Filling Your Mind


Cosmos Filling Your Mind with Pure Peace & Stillness

This Cosmos Filling Your Mind with Pure Peace and Pure Stillness Audio is like an instant calming of your mind and de-stressing.

In just a few minutes you will feel so much calmer and more relaxed and after the full 6 minutes of this audio you will feel like a different person, or definitely like you in a different much calmer and more peaceful mood!

This audio will be more powerful if you listen through headphones and enjoy and soak up all those Pure Peace and Stillness energies.

If you can feel energy then you will really feel this Pure Peace and Stillness flowing to your mind and calming your mind in the moment!

This audio can also be played on loop overnight to help you sleep better and wake up feeling calm, peaceful and energised! 

Please do not play in a car or when needing full focus as this audio will cause you to feel sleepy and you even want to fall asleep, it's so relaxing and calming!

Benefits of Filling Your Mind with Pure Peace & Stillness

We can think more logically when our mind is calm and make better decisions. It is also much easier to feel and tune into our intuition when our mind is calm and still.

So whatever it is you are wanting to do, feeling an inner peace and calmness is going to make your day and activities flow easier and be more enjoyable. 

Feeling peaceful will allow us to interact with others in a calmer and more mindful and loving way, so our relationships will improve. We will feel less triggered and will respond to any triggers in a calmer and more intentional manner, which avoids misunderstandings and arguments. 

It just feels so good to have peace and stillness in your mind and not be overthinking and have that hamster wheel of thoughts driving your crazy!

Raising Your Frequency

Raising your frequency is so important because not only does it align us to the frequency of attracting good and manifesting our desires to us, but it also protects us against lower energies and really protects us.

When your frequency is really high, it will repel lower energies and frequencies from you, so it is the best protection you can have, as well as feeling so good to be living in a high frequency.

About This Audio


Audio - mp3 download, Length: Approx 6 mins

The audio is very simple and clear in intention.

This is the wording on this audio, repeated for 6 mins.

‘Cosmos Filling your Mind with Pure Peace & Pure Stillness, feeling Pure Peace and Pure Stillness fill and flow through your mind, feeling your mind fill with Pure Peace & Pure Stillness

Cosmos filling Your Mind with Pure Peace & Pure Stillness

Cosmos filling Your Mind with Pure Peace & Pure Stillness

Cosmos filling Your Mind with Pure Peace & Pure Stillness’



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