Clearing for Intense Energy Work
Michelle Carter

Clearing for Intense Energy Work

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Powerful Clearing Away of Releasing Energies

A must have for all intense energy work!

If you are working on releasing and disconnecting from dark energies, spells, curses and other very intense energy work then this Clearing Audio has been designed for you!



Clearing for Intense Energy Work 

The more power we use to clear away dark and evil energies the deeper we can go, which is great and just what we want, but feeling these energies leaving is not so great!

This powerful audio has 3 layers of 'Clearing off earth' on silent, working in the background as you listen to 'Floating into Realms of Pure Peace & Stillness' which is keeping your vibration as high as possible to assist in clearing out these nasty energies!

This audio is for those who are used to my energy work and have already worked with other audios.

Approx length: 6 mins - mp3 download (Can be played on loop) 



Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
So helpful!

This is such a great audio. It is so helpful for clearing away the symptoms that you can experience when you are doing a lot of releasing work. I have been playing it on loop for many hours after doing energy work and I am experiencing less foggy headedness in the morning and less of the heavy fatigue that can linger through the day after energy work. I definitely feel clearer when I play it. Thanks Michelle! This audio is definitely making things easier.

Amazing Audio

I love this audio. This has been working really well for me along with Distant healing work with Michelle. I play it on loop 24 hours a day on my laptop and listen to it once a day through headphones and instantly I feel clear. I’m yawning away as I’m listening to it so I know I’m releasing some heavy stuff. I plan to continue using it. thank you


I found this audio to have a nice, strong vibration to help lift my energy.

Amazing Relief!

Thank you for the latest audio for Intense Energy Clearings. My pain has completely subsided and I have a spring in my step today!

Powerful Clearing

This audio is a must have for anyone that is doing intense energy work. I have been playing this audio often since buying and have had a major reduction in releasing symptoms. I love that it has 3 layers behind the wonderful floating into Peace & Stillness- it is all a wonderful combination that keeps my mind & entire being so much more at peace and I feel much better all around. I am also finding that I can do more energy work without feeling the nasty energies leaving. . if I do feel them at all, they leave quickly. It works so well with Michelle's Disconnecting from releasing symptoms & Super Clearing audios.