Adrenal Fatigue, Candida, Weight Gain - 3 Audio Package
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Adrenal Fatigue, Candida, Weight Gain - 3 Audio Package

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  • Are you struggling with Adrenal Fatigue, Candida or Weight Gain and finding it difficult to recover?
  • Many people do find it hard to heal themselves from these conditions and get back to normal. Why?


        Adrenal Fatigue, Candida, Weight Gain

        Most people don't realise that these three issues are actually linked together! The energies that cause adrenal fatigue can also lead on to cause candida and ultimately weight gain.

        Unless you are aware of the link between Adrenal Fatigue, Candida and Weight Grain, and you can work to release the root cause of these issues, you may be stuck going round in circles using ineffective treatments. Treating just one of these issues simply isn't enough! By listening to this audio, I will help you to release the root cause of these issues, and the negative energies holding you back, allowing you to be free from this cycle of unsuccessful recovery.

        The root causes of these issues are often linked to emotional stress. Emotional stress triggers a release of adrenaline and cortisol, which over a long period of time can put a lot of pressure on your body. This can lead to adrenal imbalances, and may ultimately cause adrenal fatigue. While going to a medical professional when you are suffering from an illness is a good idea, a large majority of doctors haven't heard of adrenal fatigue or don't test for it and therefore you are unlikely to receive a suitable diagnosis. However, if you are experiencing most of the following symptoms, then it is highly likely that you are experiencing adrenal stress or imbalance. You should take action to get the help you need by listening to these audios to release the emotional stress and negative energies that are holding you back! 

        • Difficulty getting up in the morning
        • Feeling tired for no reason
        • Feeling exhausted after physical effort
        • Inability to handle stress
        • Feel overwhelmed easily
        • Mood swings especially when hungry
        • Mild depression
        • Sleep issues, irregular sleep pattern
        • Overuse of stimulants like caffeine
        • A weak immune system
        • Very sensitive to bright lights and loud noises
        • Weight gain
        • Bloating and candida symptoms in abdomen
        • Constipation
        • Brain fog, difficulty in focusing
        • Aching muscles
        • Dark circles under eyes
        • Cold hands and feet
        • Low thyroid function

        Adrenal Fatigue, Candida & Weight Gain - 3 Audio Package

        In this audio package you will get 3 audios which are short and very easy to listen to. Each audio will specifically target one of the three issues:

        • Adrenal Fatigue
        • Candida
        • Weight Gain

        As there are strict laws around alternative and holistic health products, I am not allowed to make any claims of healing. How each person responds to this energy work will vary depending on their stored energy and the severity of their symptoms.

        If you have any questions or queries about this energy work then please do email me for more information. 


        Approx Length of Audio: 1 min 14s  (mp3 download)


        Approx Length of Audio: 1 min 12s  (mp3 download)


        Approx Length of Audio: 1 min 9s  (mp3 download)



        I have personally suffered with both Adrenal Fatigue, Candida and Weight Gain, therefore I am fully aware of how persistent these illnesses and issues can be and how hard they can be to shift. However I have done it! You can read more about how I healed myself from severe adrenal fatigue in this article.

        I believe in holistic health, therefore for these energy audios to really work to their full potential then you should be supporting your body with the right foods and nutrition. This means reducing your consumption of foods that will aggravate your body and aim for a long term healthy diet. You can do this by eating natural whole foods, avoiding all refined products, and foods with lots of toxins and chemicals. This is essentially working towards a plant based diet full of natural and organic food. You will receive more information about this in your instruction / guidance emails and you can always email me for more help and advice.

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        How many of us do not suffer from at least one of these ?!

        I have a few of these issues. What I can tell you about Michelle's audios, is this, I use to listen to many other healing speakers over the course of a few years, and the commentator and audience would say how they could feel their energies, and I always wanted to and never did..UNTIL I came across Michelle... SHE is the REAL DEAL !!....As I listened to a previously recorded audio transmission of hers...I began to feel a slight tingling in one area of my body....then another...then another...So I listened to that audio a few more times before access ended in the next two days, and the energies intensified... I was surprised an amazed and thrilled and knew I had finally found a Real Healer... I advice that you always listen in a silent place with your full focus an intention, and you will be able to feel the energies and start getting the benefits. I have so many of her audios and they have lifted my life !! I LOVE HER !! THANK YOU MICHELLE for sharing your gift with us all <3