Changing an Outcome & the Power of Observing!

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In my post, 'Do You Want more Pure Love, Light & Intention to Flow to Earth?' I talk about Pure being the most powerful energy that exists, and that evil does not naturally exist. This was mind blowing information for me, which I read in Dr David Hawkins book, Power vs Force, and had an instant 'kick in the gut feeling' as I read it. This information is so important because it means that we can be free of polarity! If we stay out of our beliefs for a minute and just focus on frequency and energy then consider this"

If evil has no natural source of power / energy then evil is existing on Light / Pure energy somehow.

When we find out all the ways that evil is existing / stealing Light Power and stop them, then evil has no power source and can no longer exist! This is the end to polarity, and truly creating Heaven on Earth!

What has been most puzzling about this information is how can evil steal Light energy when Light is more powerful and Light has the ability to transmute evil and all lower energies. Logically thinking as soon as Light connects to evil it's gone, transmuted no more! So how has evil existed by stealing Light energy for . . . . well since the first existence of evil?

I strongly feel that knowing the many ways that evil is stealing Light / Pure energy and stopping all these ways is the way to end the existence of evil, so let's take a look at some of the ways that evil has / is stealing / using Light energy. 

Evil Transforming Pure Source Energy

These are a some of ways that evil transforms and uses Pure Source Energy:

  • Flowing Pure Source through quantum crystals, going down into lower dimensions from 3d crystals into 2d patterns (black and white checked patterns, like the Masonic flooring, police hats, racing finishing flag etc)
  • Reflecting Light through mirrors so there is no direct connection with Pure Source energy and using the reflected Light energy indirectly
  • Putting humanity in fear, trauma, lack, struggle and feeding off these low emotions
  • Quantum Entanglement - where like particles act the same regardless of distance. (If you caused pain to a twin / twin flame then the other person can feel the pain through the energetic connection even though they are not feeling the physical pain themselves.) This can be done through like frequency too, so you could affect many souls vibrating at a certain frequency by acting on just one soul of that frequency and all the others will feel the action. Empathic souls will understand how they pick up and feel energies of those around them in crowds, which is similar to Quantum Entanglement.
  • Observing through Quantum Observation  

Evil has also been decreasing our Light / Pure Source Energy to weaken us and lessen our connection to Pure Source:

  • Reflecting Light to stop it shining freely to earth (chemtrails shutting out the sun and Pure Source Energy
  • Dark entities connecting to humans, demons controlling our minds through addictions, vampires stealing our energy
  • Black magic to control people, get a dark desired result
  • The Matrix - energy harvesting and mind control
  • Separation - humans are heart centred and need love, separating Twin Flames and loved ones is powerful way to decrease their love power and at the extreme cause depression, despair and suicide. (We have seen how powerful separation is with the pandemic lockdowns and the massive negative emotional effect it has had on humanity.)
  • Amplifying evil and so on . . . .  

The method that I’m going to talk about today is ‘Quantum Observing” because we can all use this method to collectively create the desire we want - Peace on Earth, Abundance for All, End of Evil etc and the more people who do this the more powerful the result will be.

Quantum Observing 

In simple terms, (because I’m an energy channel and not a scientist!) 'Quantum Observing' means that whatever intention is 'watching' something will determine the result or outcome.

To explain this more, scientists cn conduct an experiment which can result in two possible outcomes, A or B. What was discovered was that the outcome was changing from A to B and vice versa and when they checked into this it was found out that the outcome matched the belief of the person doing the experiment! If the scientist believe the result would be A then it was, and if they believed it would be B then it was!

This is such powerful information to know and so many people do not know it! 

In the past I had conversations with a client who worked as a scientist and left the job because those above her were ignoring Quantum Observing and she felt that all the data was meaningless because it was just showing the intentions / beliefs of the scientists. 

Some scientific reference for those wishing it.

Experiments were done as early as 1998 to show this is the case: 

REHOVOT, Israel, February 26, 1998--One of the most bizarre premises of quantum theory, which has long fascinated philosophers and physicists alike, states that by the very act of watching, the observer affects the observed reality. 

In a study reported in the February 26 issue of Nature (Vol. 391, pp. 871-874), researchers at the Weizmann Institute of Science have now conducted a highly controlled experiment demonstrating how a beam of electrons is affected by the act of being observed. The experiment revealed that the greater the amount of "watching," the greater the observer's influence on what actually takes place. 


Light Souls Using the Power of Quantum Observing

I feel the world, or to be more exact, all Light Souls need to know about the power of Quantum Observing and to be using it in their daily lives to change the outcome of what we are experiencing. 

At the time of writing this article, 21st July 2022, we are in the middle of the Great Awakening with lots of White Hat actions going on behind the scenes, and some truth being revealed, but the overall energy is of 'not knowing what is going on' and 'waiting for something to happen / be seen / announced'.

If there are millions of awakened souls across the world all in this 'waiting energy' then that is huge power going to 'waiting' and what we don't want is more waiting! We therefore as a collective need to change this 'waiting energy' into our desired result. 

How can we change 'waiting' into done / completed?

For me day dreaming or visualising the life you wish to be living is a powerful way to get out of the waiting energy and into a positive creating energy. You can day dream about living with your dream partner in the frequency of Pure Love with no polarity and arguments, just love, fun, laughter and giving to others; living in a world where everyone has plenty. Whilst many would have thought years ago that this is impossible, I feel that so many are seeing that we can all have plenty of food by growing our own food in gardens and sharing and that it is 'the system' that is creating lack and struggle and not an actual lack of resources. 

A big part of the Great Awakening is people realising that money, fame, success are not what makes us happy. We need physical love and connection and to be living a soul purpose to really feel loved, happy and fulfilled. The more people who have this as their focus, the more this energy out powers the old system of control. 

The more quiet time we all spend focusing on bringing Heaven to Earth, through living outside the system, sharing, caring and living through heart energy the more power is given to this outcome. (And obviously the more time we spend actually creating this new way of living too!) We do need lots of intention and Pure power being given to this outcome to counter act and out power the negativity of the media, governments and all those bombarding humanity with the negative outcome that the dark side wants. 

Going back to the experiment, the outcome was the intention / belief of the scientist. If there was a group of scientists doing the experiment then the majority belief gave the outcome. (This is what the dark side is using against us, using predictive programming, repeated messages etc to get us create their desire.)

This information is so powerful and means that we can set intentions for our desired good outcomes. If a Pure Intention has more power and more people intending it than those with an evil intention then Pure will be the outcome. 

We can speed up the Great Awakening and shift the collective 'waiting energy' into living the dream with our conscious heart felt intentions, remembering that our heart energy is 5,000 times more powerful than mind energy, so give your heart to your dreams for you personally and also for creating Heaven to Earth and we will create it so much quicker than if we don't do this.

Going back to my article ‘What is the Highest Power?’, I talk about the Highest Power being the INTENTION that is being place on the most powerful energy. 

For evil to exist with no natural energy source then it needs to be transforming Pure energy and one way to this is to set the intention that evil is using ‘Quantum Observing’ on Pure Energy, which does seem to have been the case because look at all the wars, abuse, corruption that is going on. If Pure was the highest intention then we would not have this going on on earth. 

Together we can all unite our intentions to use the power of Quantum Observing to:

Set the Intention that Pure is the Highest Intention and Pure is flowing through all energy coming from Pure Source for a Pure outcome.  

We can also set a Pure Intention that: 

Any attempts to use, transform, project or change Pure into evil will be repelled and filled with Pure Love, Light, Truth and Justice. 

Now I know humanity has been mind programmed for centuries and so many people are just not going to believe the above information, but those who feel and know the power in this information can spread and share how powerful this is,  so we can all unite and use this information and our Pure Intentions to have Pure flowing freely throughout earth and to create Peace on Earth now.  

It is time for those of us with Pure Intentions to really know the power of setting intentions and to be doing this daily, because evil are way ahead of the game on this, and this is how they are surviving as a non-natural energy. 

We have natural Pure Source Energy for us - time we really used this to create the world and reality that we desire and end this being victims of the current world and reality we are existing in!

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