High & Low Vibrations / Frequency

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The Highs & Lows

We now know that everything is energy. It is also true that every single object, person, sound, smell, emotion etc has a vibration. These vibrations have been measured with scientific equipment and given a numerical value, which shows how high or low that particular energy is.

We also know that it is a Universal Law that Like Attracts Like.

YOU are energy, YOU have a vibration and as like attracts like, what vibrations of energy is your vibration attracting?  What vibrations are you surrounding yourself with, listening to, looking at? Are you fully AWARE of everything that is effecting you and your vibration?

If you are not, then you are being bombarded with low vibrations all day every day, because our lives and world today are full of them!

Only someone who is totally aware of this can take the required action to not be adversely effected by all of these low vibrations each day.

This action will include avoiding as many low vibrations as possible, surrounded themselves by high vibrations and cleansing and releasing energy daily from your energy field, just as we wash and clean our teeth each day.

It is known that emotions have a very powerful energy, far more powerful than thoughts or words alone. This is why we are told to imagine or visual the emotion or energy of what we desire, as this will attract what we desire far more quickly then just thinking about it or repeating affirmations to attract it.


Positive emotions have a high vibration, such as happy, joy, love, peace, gratitude.

Negative emotions have a low vibration such as anger, hate, jealousy, bitterness, grief, sadness, guilt, shame. 

So back to Like attracts Like, the first place to eliminate low vibrations is by avoiding people with low emotions who are having a negative impact and releasing any low emotions from our energy field. I'm not suggesting that we don't help those in need, because obviously that is what I am doing on a daily basis, helping those in lower vibrations, but to be aware that if we have spent time with anyone in low vibrations then we need to cleanse and clear our energy and do some filling work or have physical fun to raise our vibration afterwards.

Some of low emotions can be very well hidden, under layers and layers of protection or programming.  Childhood trauma often gets buried inside us and causes us to attract similar patterns into our lives when this is not what we desire.

You can have two people reading a script of positive affirmations out aloud for 30 minutes, one person with a very high vibration, a very positive, happy, joyful, enlightened person and the other with a very negative, depressing, dark person. The words are the same so will you receive the same effect from each person? No! You will receive the vibration of the person reading the words, either a good, high vibration or a negative, low vibration. Would you even know this? This is how influenced we all are, without even being aware - enlightening information!

You can raise your energy level or vibration with Filling and Floating audios and you can release emotions and beliefs with this amazing package - Releasing Emotions & Core Beliefs.

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