Fear and How it Affects Us

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I love watching different Truth videos and finding out more about what is going on in our human world. Everyone has different talents and gifts that they bring to the world and there are some amazing Truth seekers out there doing some amazing fact finding and checking to share Truth with us. When there is a common theme between all Truth speakers, regardless of the aspect of Truth they are talking about then you know that is a really important issue!

What all Truth seekers have in common is they will all talk about the polarity or duality of fear / love in some way. Love raises consciousness and fear lowers it, so reducing or getting rid of all fear will have a huge positive impact on our world.

The more aware we become, the more we hear about fear energy.



There are several aspects of fear energy that we need to know about:

  • Fears coming from your personal experiences
  • Fears coming from nowhere!
  • Fears around world events
  • Feeling fear when awakening and finding out the Truth
  • Global matrixes of fear

All of these come under the one word 'fear', but they are all quite different, although there is the common energy of fear.

Fears coming from your personal experiences

These are the most rational and the easiest to release and get rid of. If we have had a personal experience of something such as a bad fall, accident, injury, abuse then it is totally normal and understandable to have fear around that issue, that it may happen again.

With fear from personal experiences each person will have stored energy of the experience and the memory of the experience. When both of those are released then the fear will also be released because the fear was directly based on that experience and that memory. Obviously some experiences will be more traumatic and will require more energy work to release and remove, but a personal fear will release easier than fear coming from nowhere or global matrixes.


Fears coming from nowhere!

You may have a fear of something and have no idea why you have this fear. You have no memory of any incidents or experiences that have caused the fear, yet you still have the fear. This type of fear appears to be irrational and that can make us feel embarrassed to have the fear, but the fear has some reason or cause somewhere so what is it?

It could be that you have this fear from:

  • A memory that you have shut off because it's too painful to remember
  • A past life experience
  • Collective mind programming

A memory that you have shut off because it's too painful to remember

Many people to shut out painful memories and experiences because that is an effective short term way to not feel the pain. However the energy is still stored in us and can pop up anytime, so this is not an effective long term solution.

A past life experience

Many people don't believe in past lives and those who do probably don't remember that much about them, so this can be a Pandora's box. Take the lid off and who knows what is going to pop out! If we have fears from past lives then we do need to releasing on them because that energy is affecting our current life.

Collective mind programming

Now this is an interesting one! Let's take TV programs, how much are they programming society to have fears?

Have you ever watched cartoons? I'm sure you have. In Tom & Jerry there are many clips where a woman sees a mouse, is afraid and jumps onto a chair. Is this programming woman to be afraid of mice and jump onto a chair when they see one? Maybe not all woman, but those who already have some hidden fear of mice can have this fear amplified by this type of 'mind suggestion'. I'm sure you can all think of many other ways in which we could be programmed by TV programs, all the violence that children watch is particularly of concern, but that comes under mind control rather than fear.

This type of collective mind programming is connecting people in a global matrix of fear, which I will discuss below.

Fears around world events

This is another form of global matrix fear. When there has been a 'terrorist attack' somewhere then this creates fear and this fear is global because so many people will have seen it through media and social media, so the energy stored in this type of fear is huge because it involves so many people.


Feeling fear when awakening and finding out the Truth

I was shocked by the energy and damage in this fear when I was watching videos to learn more about what is going on behind the scenes. During and after watching these videos I felt huge fear and this made no sense to me because I was already aware of what is going in energy. i work with energy and my most powerful energy work is releasing dark and evil energies, so I couldn't understand why I was feeling so much fear when watching how this evil energy is appearing in our human world.

When I can't make sense of something I start to ask questions, and usually the answers appear in various ways! For this the answer was that being empathic the fear I was feeling was not mine, but was fear stored in the video from all those who had watched it before me!

Now this I found alarming, because here we have fear being the energy that feeds evil and those choosing to find out the Truth about what is going on behind the scenes are feeling fear, which is then feeding the evil that we don't want. This seemed like a very destructive cycle going on, so I felt compelled to do something to help change this and started to release the fear being stored in the video and this was huge! Now there are probably thousands or more videos and lectures about awakening and learning about the under world, so to release all the fear in all of them is a huge on going task, as fear is always going to be added as more people watch. I felt I needed a better solution, to explain the process of awakening, fear and moving forwards to people and so I wrote my book 'Awaken', which explains how we can learn the Truth without feeling fear and also how we can use our Pure intentions to improve our lives and raise the vibration of consciousness. 

Global matrixes of fear

 This is obviously the biggest amount of fear energy, being constantly collected through fear webs throughout the whole of humanity. 

To fully release a fear that is affecting us personally then we need to disconnect from the global matrix for that fear. If you think of energy as having a magnetic affect, which it does, then imagine the magnetic power in a global fear matrix and how that huge magnetic force is going to keep attracting you to it if you have some of the same energy stored in you. The global matrix is always going to out power your intention until you disconnect from the global magnet and then have just the energy in your energy field to deal with, which is much easier to release!



The more we all disconnect from these global matrixes, the less magnetic power they have to affect human consciousness, so not only are we improving our own life by feeling free of that fear but we are also making it easier for others to be free too!

Powerful energy is required to release from global matrixes and this is why I have made my Disconnecting from Fear Audio which has multi-layers to make the energy work even more powerful to keep cutting through ties to global webs, matrixes and grids to be freed from them and to be free of the fear. 



  • Feel Peace & Stillness in Your Mind
  • Learn how to Feel where the fear is coming from
  • Feel more Truth & Integrity
  • Feel Your Soul & Feel Guided

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