Are You Fighting the Universe?

Energy Global Global change Michelle Carter

What are You Choosing Flow or Resistance?

The planets are really pushing us into change right now. The energy really is 'it's time to move out of the old and all that hasn't served you in the past' into a new awareness and a new way of living.

When we accept this change is needed and going to happen, then we can go with the flow and allow the universe to guide us through the process, just as it did with me and moving house in such a short space of time and also with the publishing of my book, Loving You, where each stage of the process has happened quicker than the time I was given and the whole process has totally amazed me!

Resisting the universe is like trying to out power the law of gravity - you are going to loose! It's a question of how much pain you're going to go through before you hit the point of realisation that you cannot out power the universe!

So the choice is:

Am I going to embrace the new global changes that the new moon is bringing in and ask for guidance to be in the flow and have this happen effortlessly for me, or Am I going to resist and fight the universe - seriously not a wise choice, from someone who has been there!

So release all low emotions, thoughts & beliefs  that are not serving you and fill up with Divine Energies so you can start to flow with the Universe.

So I would really like to say to you all from the whole of my heart - don't resist the universe - embrace the change and go with the flow, because things you thought you could or would never do can turn out to be fun!

Have an AMAZING DAY asking for Divine Flow to come into your life! 


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