Why are we being fed by a poison expert?


I recently watched a short video about Monsanto and Roundup on Facebook by the Undercurrent, and this video ended with:

Why Are We Being Fed by a Poison Expert?

When we really take in this question the stupidity of it really hits us in the face! Like yes, why are we all being fed by a poison manufacturer, isn't that just too crazy to be real?

Many things in life that are being revealed to us are actually feeling too crazy to be real and true and that is of course one of the reasons they get away with it, because people just don't believe it is true!

When we look at the facts with an open mind then we can see how crazy life is and how much change is needed.

So fact:

  • Monsanto sells Roundup and is a poison expert
  • Monsanto controls the majority of the food chain in USA and this flows out into other countries. 
  • The majority of the top well known brands come under the Monsanto umbrella.
  • For most people the majority of what they buy is from Monsanto.
  • Therefore the majority of what people eat contains poison.
  • Which does explain why there has been an on going huge increase in illness in the western world, I mean what do we expect if we eat poison?


On finding out this information we have a choice: 

  • To continue eating 'Monsanto poisoned food'
  • To not eat 'Monsanto poisoned food'
  • Personally I choose to NOT eat poisoned food! When put this bluntly, I assume you choose the same! This video I watched was on Facebook, so I decided to share the video on my timeline so others could have this huge realisation also and then choose to not eat poisoned food. (I would post it here but it seem to be embedded so I can't.)

There was a comment about everyone should lobby their government and put pressure on the FDA etc to stop this from happening, and I totally agree that this does need to stop happening. However, governments, courts, FDA and virtually every human system we have in place is corrupt and greed focused, with blackmail and backhanders going on, so how long is it going to take to get a successful result doing this?

There is a much quicker way to get results and that is to not be reliant and controlled by the companies that are poisoning our food. They are very profit and greed orientated, so if their profits drop they will change what they are doing to get more profits again.

Imagine if everyone in the USA didn't buy any Monsanto products at all for one week. Just one week, what would the drop in profits be? How much panic would that send to Monsanto? Isn't that sending out a much bigger and more obvious message - we are not going to eat your poisoned food, than lobbying governments and waiting for something good to come out of a corrupt system?

Money talks, whether we like this or not! Everyone can change which food they buy without paying more. Smaller supermarkets that are not associated with Monsanto will have their own brands and often these foods have less additives in them and are cheaper to buy!

So shout with your spending and SAY NO TO MONSANTO!

Stop eating brands which are Monsanto umbrella brands! You can search on the internet for more information about this.

I do much energy work to heal illness, disease, emotional issues, life issues etc and what is becoming increasingly obvious to me with my work is that an issue will no heal if we keep feeding it poison! So whether that be eating poisoned food, drinking fluoride and toxic water or living with toxic emotions inside of us, if we keep feeding any of these then they will grow. 

To live in harmony with ourselves we need to nourish our minds, bodies and spirits, or as the old saying goes: -

'Garbage In Garbage Out!

We can all choose which brand we take of the shelves in the supermarket, or whether we go to a supermarket or buy local, or buy on-line from an organic retailer. What we feed ourselves determines how we feel and our quality of life,  so choose wisely because corrupt systems don't care about you!

Blessings Michelle