Were You Loved from Birth or Not & Why Does This Matter?

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As an Energy Healer this question has often popped up, especially when my clients used to shift out of an issue quicker than me! This seemed crazy to me, as I knew that the energy work I was doing on myself each day was so much powerful than what many of my clients were doing, so how could they possibly shift quicker than me?

Well in this instance, it wasn't about the amount or quality of energy work being done, so what was going on?

When I looked at this in more detail it came down to what energy we had stored in our energy field. What 'magnets' did we have?

If someone was loved from birth, cuddled, hugged and given lots of positive attention and praise, then all through their lives they will be collecting & storing 'love magnets' and High Vibrations.



In contrast, if someone was not wanted by their parents and were given minimal attention with no love, hugs and affection then they will grow up collecting and storing 'unloved magnets'. (and the many negative magnets that accompany them - not good enough, unworthy, not wanted, not deserving, feeling abandoned, etc)

So then when we look at the Law of Attraction:

Like Attracts Like  it comes as no surprise that people who felt loved as a baby and child will continue to attract love and good things to them, whilst those feeling unloved are attracting the negatives to them.

All of this is all happening on a very deep Magnetic 'Universal Law' level, much deeper and more powerful than our thoughts, conscious & sub-conscious minds.

To change any issue in our life, we need to shift it from our energy first, before we will get the physical results in our life - what we have in our life is a replica of what magnets we have in our energy.

If life feels hard then we need to do lots of 'Filling' our energy with good magnets, because if we don't have the good we desire in our energy, then we will not be able to attract good things to us.


We can only attract what is stored in us.

Try saying the word 'love' often & say 'Pure Love' out loud too, and see if you can feel a difference. Write and type the word 'love', it has a vibration and just writing, reading and saying the word love is filling you with vibrations of Love!

A heart is our symbol of love, so again drawing hearts, looking at them, along with roses and other symbols of love is going to add more 'love magnets' to your energy, making it easier for you to feel loved & attract love to you.

I have huge empathy for those who feel unloved, unwanted, not good enough, which makes it hard for them to attract love into their lives, and all the good, happy vibrations that come with feeling loved. For this reason, I have designed a package to really help those who lacking in love to remove the barriers to opening up their hearts, so they can really live through feelings of pure love.

When we feel love and are flowing love to others, then the Law of Attraction will work for you, not against you.

Now that has to be good news! :)

Sending you lots of Pure Love & Blessings, Michelle

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