Time Crystals - Repeating Patterns through Time

Time Crystals - Repeating Patterns through Time

This article has been inspired by an article I was drawn to read on Steemit by @mcfarhat called: “What Do You Know About Time Crystals - The Newest State Of Matter? 

The article was about the science of crystals and these crystals are called 'Time Crystals'. The paragraph that really grabbed my attention was this: 

“Basically, time crystals are similarly ordered and repeated in space, yet they would additionally switch their configurations in a repeating pattern through time, hence flipping from one configuration to another back and forth.” 

It was one of those ‘Aha Moments’ where I was thinking and feeling, wow 'repeating patterns through time', yes we’ve had loads of those through history, all the wars, battles, conflicts to name but a few! 


Repeating Patterns through Lifetimes

Many people I have worked with have felt they have been through life-times of struggle in various ways, and there are so many people with Truth and Integrity, who really struggle to earn enough money, and this is definitely an on going repeating pattern! 

My next thought was ‘what if we could release / stop the repeated patterns from these time crystals at source', so we no longer have to keep living them?

Sounds good to me, sounds awesome in fact! So that is what I have been doing, working on releasing the repeated patterns in time crystals for the collective, and also adding in Pure Intention to Quantum Observe these time crystals to ensure that they can only give a Pure outcome! Cool! 

So here is a powerful statement that you can say to help stop any repeating pattern that you are aware of: 

“Pure Intention and the highest, Purest Energies use Quantum Observing to watch all Time Crystals to stop all evil and unwanted repeating patterns and purify these crystals to give only Pure and Divine intentioned outcomes.” 

There are so many issues this can be used on from lack, poverty, wars, fighting, abuse, pedophilia, torture, mind programming, Chem trails, (programming the chemicals as they fall to earth) all through banking, governments, enslavement to money and greed / materialism and controlling mankind. 

The more we all work on these issues then the more the Pure Intention will flow through and we will see a shift in humanity to valuing love, compassion and caring over greed, materialism and controlling people.