The Power of Energy - Imagine . . .

A World where People Feel Happy for no Reason!

My vision is a life where people spontaneously smile for no reason, where random acts of kindness just happen because people are so full of love, that their love just overflows into everyone they meet, and life for everyone is full of joy, happiness and laughter! 

I believe this is possible through energy work and has found releasing unwanted energy and filling with love is a very powerful way to change your life.


We have all felt the bad energy in a room when there has just been an argument! Likewise we all feel the excitement and good energy when there is a room full of happy people, especially if they are having a celebration. So on one level we all know that the energy of feelings and emotions exist, but most of us are unaware of how many energies there are around us and exactly how much they influence our lives.

It is becoming more well known that science has proved that everything is energy, from a sofa to a tree and everything we can see! Look at the picture above, it has energy, it makes me feel good! The sun is shining, it has glowing colours and gives a feeling of warmth as well as a positive, uplifting energy.


But all the things we cannot see are also energy, such as sound waves, music, TV, mobile phone & internet signals, exhaust fumes & pollutants, unhealthy food & drink, or anything that doesn't suit our unique body. Along with that little load we also need to add all thoughts, feelings and emotions! This starts from conception with whatever was happening around you whilst preparing to be born, then all the beliefs, genetic patterns from your family and programming from teachers, friends and society in general.

So, here we are today, thinking that we are choosing are life and are in control of what we do, when virtually everything we do is a result of various  energies that have been hiding in our minds & bodies.  Often it is only when our life reaches a crisis point that we actually look to sort out all the emotional issues and hidden patterns that have been influencing our lives for years and stopping us from being our 'True Selves', feeling happy and content and able to truly love ourselves unconditionally 'Just as We Are!'

In my book 'Awaken', I chat about how we can use the Power of the Universe to positively change our lives and the world too! Awaken is infused with beautiful energy healing and filled with powerful energy releasing statements so your life is being transformed as you hold and read the book!

Energy Releasing is a method of getting rid of all the thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs and patterns that are not allowing us to be our True Selves. It is a simple method to do, which anyone can do to release their 'own junk' along with energy in the environment and energy field that is affecting them. You can read more about 'Energy Releasing' and other methods of using energy in energy work.

There are so many ways of using energy to change your life, don't stay stuck in a life that isn't feeling happy, read how energy work has transformed the lives of others and take the next step to transform your own life, do explore this website and blog and if you have any questions then please do contact me!

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