Love, Light & Healing for Paris


What has happened in Paris has shocked the world, such seemingly pointless violence and killing for no reason. (Since writing this article more violent acts have been shared, that weren't originally reported on international news in other countries.)

We all have CHOICE how we react to this tragedy and my choice was to write 'Awaken', to share how using universal energy really can create 'Peace on Earth'.

We can think there is nothing we can do, it is all politics and out of our control or We can believe and trust in the Power of Love and human compassion. The majority of the world has had enough of violence and suffering and is desiring peace, love and abundance for all.

Statistics from NASA satellites showed there was a huge sudden and unexpected drop in the vibration of the world, (human resonance) and this occurred at exactly the time of 9/11.

The global shock felt actually lowered the vibration of the world, meaning life was heavier and harder going for everyone after 9/11.


We have just experienced another shocking event in Paris, but this time we are more aware. Many souls have awakened to the evil that is going on and are taking action.

Energy has huge power. Intention has huge power. Prayer has huge power.

We all believe in mobile phone signals, can we see them? No we can't, and we can't see wifi or satellite tv signals either, but we know they exist and we believe in them.

Love, Light, Healing, Prayer are also invisible energies which can and do create huge positive shift in the world. It is time THE WORLD UNITED and believed in the power of these incredible energies and use them to create positive shift and Peace on Earth.

Many healers and Light-workers did powerful energy work to calm the recent strongest hurricane ever, heading to Mexico, forecast to cause mass destruction. The hurricane calmed and weakened in strengthen before it hit the land, it missed the cities it was forecast to destroy and there were no fatalities. 

Did this just happen by luck? No, it was the collective energy work, intention and prayer by many.

We have choice and we can choose to send so much Love, Light, Peace and Healing to Paris and the whole world that we do actually create a huge positive increase in human resonance, which can and will bring peace to earth.

You don't have to believe any of this for it to work, you just need to do it. However, the more we connect to our emotions when sending Love and Light and praying then the more powerful this will be. Our emotions have be shown by science to be 5,000 times more powerful than our thoughts.

So are we going to allow our emotions to remain in shock and fear or are we going to channel all this negative energy into creating positive change. If you feel angry then channel this anger emotion into creating peace.

If you are unsure of how to do this, then just repeat this with huge feeling:-

'I ask Pure Love & Light (God) to fill all evil and violence and the whole world with Pure Divine energies, to dissolve and purify all emotions of shock, trauma, upset, grief, disbelief, hate, helplessness and fear and to fill the whole world with Pure Love, Light and Peace and to create Heaven on Earth now.'

 I totally believe that when enough people send positive powerful energy to Paris and the whole world, global shift and peace will happen beyond what we currently believe is possible.

 Please take positive action now and read the above statement as many times as possible. There is more powerful information and energy work to create peace in my book 'Awaken' to Peace.

We have the opportunity to create huge positive changes from this disaster and to prevent further attacks happening.

It is Truth that evil cannot exist in high vibrations, so let us create such a high vibration on earth that evil cannot and does not exist.

Sending much Pure Love, Light & Peace to you all and the world.