Light Has Won . . . . but when will we see this in real life?

Light has Won!

I've shared this amazing information before and I'm sure that you will have heard this from other people / places too!

What is confusing and what we all want to know about is:

When will we see this positive change?

When will life feel good?

Well the actual answer to this is unknown because we are all apart of life, the collective consciousness and it is the energy of the collective consciousness that determines how long this takes. All the pieces of the puzzle have been put in place, or a better analogy would be that of playing a game of chess and there are several ways that we can win the game, one way could be super quick and not moving too many pieces, another way could involve loads of moves, knocking off nearly all of the players before finally reaching check mate and there could be several more ways of winning in between the two extremes. 


We are Players in the Chess Game!

We are all players on the chess board in this game of chess! Both individually and collectively as part of our country, beliefs and the energy, choices and intentions that we are sending out to the universe / cosmos. 

This means that what we do and think in each moment has an impact on the whole game, how long it takes to win and how many players get knocked off the board in the process. We collectively are the mind and hand that chooses and moves the next chess piece. If the dark side makes a move that causes issues for the people then we may need to change the game plan to avoid loosing a chess piece, or lots of chess pieces.

We can see this happening in real life with the riots and shooting of innocent people including children in America. This is not a good game being played. We want and need to get off this 'killing and shooting people game' onto a quicker and more direct route to win, where people are not killed unnecessarily. All the time the dark side are playing a long winded killing game, the Light side needs to make moves to avoid the killing and is taken off the direct winning path. 


Our Thoughts, Feelings, Beliefs & Actions are Energy

I know you all know that our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions are energy because you've heard this so many times, but consider that this energy is what fuels and directs the hand / mind that is choosing which chess piece to pick up and move next.

Do you want your energy to direct a quick and direct route to win the game or a long slow winded, loads of death on the way route? Well I'm pretty sure you'd all like the direct route, so we need to be aware of how much we are directing the chess game and be totally conscious and aware in all that we think, do, say, feel in each moment. 

We can have positive energy spending time feeling peace and stillness imagining how amazing life is going to be when the game is won. We can also spend time freaking out, worrying and stressing about every single move that the dark makes, amplifying that dark energy and giving it more power to keep the game going longer. 


Don't Feed the Evil Agenda!

A simple example of feeding the evil agenda is how you react to the news and evil things that dark are doing. If you leap up and down, scream and shout, stress and worry every time something is announced that you don't like then you're creating 'loosh' to feed the evil chess players. 

Don't feed the evil agenda, REVOKE all the evil being done! If something is announced that violates your free choice then revoke it! 'Pure Consciousness revokes 'this action' and all actions that violate my free choice and the free choice of humanity"

If you know this is a game of chess and evil are intentionally making moves that will create 'loosh' energy then you're not going to fall for it! You're going to choose to feel peace, stillness and watch the game be played with interest and curiosity and adding as much Pure energy to speed up the game to be won by Light as soon as possible!

Revoke evil. Feed the good. 

If you really knew that you feeling and flowing Pure Stillness creates a space where evil cannot exist, then would you spend time flowing Pure Stillness to the game of chess so Light can win quicker? 

The problem Light has, the White Hats have, is that we all have so much doubt and have been programmed not to believe in our abilities. If we all just spent 30 minutes or longer a day flowing Pure Stillness to the White Hats winning the game of chess then how much quicker would we win this game? Sadly instead many Light souls get dragged into doubt, fears, stress, arguing with trolls on social media and doing the exact opposite of feeling and flowing Pure Stillness to winning the game of chess. 


When Do You Want Light to Win the Chess Game?

When would you like this game of chess to be won by Light? 

This year? Next year? 5 years time?

Me personally, how about NOW, today, tomorrow!!

If we want the game to be won really quickly then we need to flow HUGE amounts of Pure Stillness, Light, Truth, Love to the game, to the Light chess pieces, which is the White Hats working so hard to win the game for us, with justice, military, law, health, spiritual realms and in so many ways. 

Flowing Pure Stillness three times a day, morning, mid-day and evening would really keep the energy flowing, especially with Light souls around the world in different time zones all doing this. Imagine a stream of Pure Light and Stillness flowing from Light souls all around the world 24/7 to this game of chess, how amazing would that be! 

Light feels Light!

The White Hats feel when we are sending them Pure energy to support them. The more people who do this, the stronger the feeling and Pure Light / Stillness energy that is surrounding Light White Hat chess players on the front line making all the dangerous moves in real life. 

If you want the game of chess to be won super quickly, which I'm sure you do, then please spend as much time as you can, each day, three times a day, flowing Pure Stillness and Pure Protection Energies to our super brave White Hat Light Souls, to win the game quicker than they thought possible!

WE ARE THE ENERGY that determines how quickly the game is won by Light!

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