Global Shift - White, Grey, Black - Where are you Vibrating?

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What is the global shift all about? 

Well I expect each person asked this question would give a different answer. The shift is huge and there are so many different aspects to it! I could answer this and discuss many different aspects too! For this article I am going to talk about: 

White, Grey & Black

So what am I talking about? Well, I am using colours ,which we can all easily associate with and visualise, to explain vibrations. 

If we imagine a huge scale or ladder going from black to white, passing through many shades of grey and then take this to represent all the different vibrations we have on earth and probably in the universe too! Black is representing hell and all evil, whilst white is presenting Heaven & Divine and all that is pure. In between Heaven & hell we have many, many emotions, feelings, beliefs and energies that vary from evil to totally pure. 

If we were to take a look at someone's energy field then it would look something like the image below. Not just that the energy of the universe also looks something like this image.

The shift is about changing the black and dark grey vibrations to light grey and white vibrations. Which actually means shifting beliefs and perceptions from negative and evil beliefs and emotions to pure, positive beliefs and emotions.

To do this we need to release all low emotions such as depression, sadness, grief, humiliation, unloved, unwanted, jealousy, guilt, shame, and damaging beliefs such as I'm not good enough, I can't afford it,

I'm not important, I don't deserve to be loved, I will never be successful, I'm left out and don't belong. 

Having these low emotions and damaging beliefs stored anywhere in our energy field is lowering our vibration and dragging us down into darker shades of grey.  The more we release these, the more we are going to raise our vibration and move into lighter shades of grey and into white - Light and Pure Energies. 

The global shift is about the whole world shifting from energies of dark grey, where the energies have been very greed and control focused. 

Life has been about earning lots of money, being famous, successful and human compassion and humility has gone out the window.

The media has been very negative, focusing on the bad and sensationalising it to make a big story that sells. Education is focused on success and achievement at the expense of happiness and creativity. 


Food is so polluted with chemicals we don't know what to eat, and there is a huge shift to organic. 

So as with food, where we are shifting from polluted food to pure food, then this shift is happening in so many other areas of our lives - from bad to good!

  • Chemically sprayed and polluted food to pure organic food
  • Energy from oil which pollutes to natural solar, wave and wind energy
  • Energy field filled with low emotions and beliefs, with awareness, releasing & cleansing gives us an energy field with positive emotions and beliefs.
  • Feeling we have to be successful to allowing ourselves to be us and be happy
  • Media being negative and spreading doom to positive media channels!
  • Greed, fame, success to compassion, sharing and humility.

The global shift is affecting ALL areas of our lives. 

Shifting from gloom, depression, war, poverty, lack, greed into happiness, peace, abundance, kindness, sharing, compassion & 'Living in Love'!

Each person who cleanses their energy, becomes aware of their thoughts, feelings, actions and chooses to live in kindness and love is raising the vibration of the world and speeding the 'Shift into Light' and 'Heaven on Earth'.

So where are you - black, grey or white? Well the majority of us are in a mixture of many vibrations and are mainly in the grey. However, the more you cleanse your energy, live with awareness, choose kindness over money then the lighter your vibration will become and you will clear into lighter shades of grey, into off-white and then a Shining Bright White Diamond! 

Each group, organisation and business that chooses to value people over profits is contributing to the global shift and creating new values of abundance and happiness for all.

When we look, there are many who are working towards creating 'Heaven on Earth'. It is happening - now! Sure there is a bit of chaos in the process, as many don't know or understand what is happening, but as more and more people shift to Light, the easier and clearer the process will be for us all.  Then we will all enjoy living in 'Heaven on Earth' in Pure Love & Light!

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