Are You Focusing on the Negative?

Are You Focusing on the Negative or

Setting an Intention to Shift Out of All You Don't Want?

This article has been inspired by a comment made in one of my groups - the comment being that many healers say we should not put our focus on the negative and what we don't want, which is quite true!
However, if you intention is to remove, release or shift out of the negative then you are not focusing on the negative, your intention is the shift! 


I feel this is a really important point to make.  We all come up against blocks and barriers to moving into the life we truly desire, and I have found that the easiest way to find these blocks, so they can be removed, so we CAN move forwards is to ask questions, to identify them and then move forwards.

If we mis-interpret the 'don't focus on the negative' and try to live our lives like everything is roses and there are no issues then we are actually living in denial of the Truth. This may well work for you for a while, or even for your whole life, but it isn't giving you an open and loving connection with the rest of the world and it isn't allowing you to be compassionate and able to help others.

Many people really are stuck in some deep issues, surrounded by so many black magnets (low energies, emotions, blocks and all that we don't want) that they don't have the power to overcome these black magnets on their own. They actually need outside help to give them the power to release from these negative magnets and be able to connect to high vibration, loving magnets that are serving  them.

'We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them' - Albert Einstein

To help others we need to acknowledge that bad, evil, negative does exist and it is very real and very damaging for so many people. In acknowledging this and identifying the issues and energies that are causing someone issues, we are then able to release them and help that person move forwards.

I most definitely teach and say often that we need to focus and look for the good in each moment. That we always have a choice to connect to either a positive thought or a negative one - but there is a difference between stuck in negative thoughts, feelings and energies and actively choosing to get rid of them, and when our intention is on finding to release them, then we are not focusing on the negative, our intention is most definitely on shifting out of negative!

I have an amazing package of audios to release many unwanted emotions and beliefs, when we release these emotions, we are literally raising our vibration, so that we can attract a better life!