How Can I Clear Entities from a Room or My Home?

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This is a question I get asked quite a lot so I thought I would write about it so this information can be more widely read and shared!



Firstly we need some understanding of how energy works. Everything in your room, home, yourself, the whole world is energy, visible and invisible and there is a lot more invisible than there is visible! All this energy has a vibration or frequency ranging from totally evil to completely Pure. Most energy is in the middle somewhere but there is a mid point between evil and Pure which is neutral.

All feelings, beliefs and energies that feel bad and cause bad come from an evil source and all feelings, beliefs and energies that feel good come from a Pure source!

Now the Law of Attraction does exist and it does work! It works on attracting more of the most dominant energy in a person, room, space to that person, room or space. So if the dominant energy is evil based then more evil and dark is being attracted. If the dominant energy is Pure then more Pure and good is being attracted.

With that understanding it becomes obvious that to clear a room or person from entities, dark, evil we need to change the dominant energy in that space to Pure.

So how do we change a dominant evil / dark energy into a Pure one? 


How to Clear a Room

To do this we need to raise the vibration / frequency in the room, space or person to a higher vibration. Also we need to get rid of the unwanted dark and evil energies!

If a room is feeling really creepy and dark then it is going to take a high power and some determined work to shift out the creepy dark and raise the vibration into a dominant Pure energy.

The most powerful way I know of doing this is to use my audios:

    Placing a music player in the room and playing these audios on loop will really clear the dark energies out as more and more Pure energy is added to the room. It may take hours or in some cases days for the room to feel Light and Pure, but if you keep the audios playing then the shift to Pure will happen.

    Sometimes there may be a spell or curse on a room, home or person and this will need releasing before the room will be clear of dark energy, so using this audio will be most needed if this is the case. If you have already tried to clear a room and not had any success then I do recommend that you try this audio, it is incredible how and where spells and curses can affect us!




    You can also use the following to add more Pure to the room and help clear the space:

    • Crystals - Selenite & Black Tourmaline
    • Sage - smudge the room
    • Pure Light Protection Image
    • Essential Oils

    Placing a crystal of Selenite & Black Tourmaline in each corner of the room will help to clear the room. The selenite will amplify the clearing properties of the black tourmaline and will also keep the crystal clear and working.

    You can also place my Pure Light Protection Image in each corner of a room for protection and to keep the room clear of dark attacking. I include infuses this image three times a week to ensure that all those who have purchased it from me have a powerful protection image to use.

    Burning sage in a room will clear out dark energies and using essential oils afterwards will keep the vibration of the room higher so dark cannot exist in the higher energy.


    How to Keep the Energy High

    It is important to keep the energy of the room as high as possible so the dark doesn't come back!

    Repeating all of the above is going to keep the room energy high and you can also do the following:

    • Fill the room with love!
    • Add pictures and images that you love and inspire you
    • Add flowers and plants, they have natural healing energy
    • Keep using essential oils or fragranced candles
    • Add more crystals
    • Use a salt lamp or selenite lamp for a lovely healing energy
    • Keep playing clearing and filling audios
    • Play music that you love
    • Use light pastel colours that uplift and inspire
    • Clear the room completely if there has been an argument in the room or anyone with a low or bad energy has been in the room



    Transformation does take time and effort! Whether we are working on our own energy or the energy around us, we are in a time of huge global shift and there are many energies affecting us, so we do need to do the work every day to stay in the Purest energy possible!

    I work on my energy every day to keep my vibration as high as possible so I feel good and so that when I connect to other people requiring my help, especially with clearing dark energies, that I am not dragged down into lower energies.

    "Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish". - John Quincy Adams




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