Can We Truly Find Inner Peace & Joy in our Current World?

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There is so much talk and teaching about finding inner peace and joy.  To get close to achieving this we need to really love, honour and value ourselves. We will never find inner peace if we don't truly love and like ourselves.

So what when we do truly love ourselves and are proud of what we are doing and the positive ripples we are sending out into the world to help others?

Can we then experience true inner peace and joy?

This is a question I was asking the universe, well actually it was more phrased like 'how can you truly be happy and have inner peace when you feel the pain and trauma of others who are stuck in distress from abuse, murder and other really bad things that happen on earth right now?'

There is so much programming that 'there is only love', 'love is the answer' and whilst I agree we do all need to feel and be more loving and send out ripples of love, is that enough?

I used to believe that if we release all low vibrations and dark magnets then we would only feel high vibrations and good feelings. However, we are living in a world of low vibrations, we connect with people who are affected by these low vibrations, trauma, upset etc, especially when we are doing healing work to help others.

One of the ways to be in a high vibration is to not watch the news because it is so negative and filled with so many energies that drag you down and upset you. So yes, it can really help us to do this to look after ourselves first . . . but can we be in integrity long term, whilst shutting out what is really happening in the world?




If you are really connected to your heart and soul energy, and if we are all connected, which we are, then it is not possible to separate from the rest of the world and be in Divine Integrity. That is switching off and not caring about what is happening to others,  just so you can be happy yourself.

I believe to achieve True Inner Happiness and Peace we need to be in Divine Integrity, which is being aware and connected to others and doing all you can to help others.

It is standing up for those who are unable to stand up for themselves. It is about bringing Justice to the world and eradicating all that is bad and evil. We cannot ignore all the bad in the world and hope that 'someone' or a 'fairy godmother' will come along and wave a magic wand and make it all go away.

We need to take action to make it happen.

When we are doing all that we can to achieve peace and happiness for all, when we are in Divine Integrity and standing up for justice then we can feel some inner peace, knowing that we are truly doing the best we can to help those who are unable to help themselves.

The more we do release the stored low magnets in us then the easier it will be to stay in high vibrations whilst helping others. So we need to love ourselves first, fill up with so many high vibes that we can stay in these high vibrations whilst helping those in need. If we find ourselves feeling the pain and trauma ourselves then that is a message that we need to go back to loving ourselves and filling up again with lots of high vibrations and Divine Energies.

Life is not static, we cannot do something once and expect it to last forever, after all we don't just clean our teeth once in our life or shower once in our life, we know that is totally ridiculous if we want clean healthy teeth and body! So the same applies to our energy, we do need to be looking after ourselves and our energy and filling with High vibes every day!

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