5G - What Can I Do?

5G World Healing

If you're reading this blog article then I'm assuming that you're already concerned about the health and safety issues of 5G.

Revoking 5G from Earth and Humanity

My intention with this blog is to share some powerful energy work to REVOKE 5G from earth. 

You can watch the video I did to do just this Revoke 5G from earth. 

Here is another link that is not You Tube:



Free Audio of the Energy Work!

I have also converted the video and edited it to a short mp3 of just the energy work so you can add it to a playlist and listen to this energy often so we're all sending out this powerful intention to revoke 5G from earth. 

Here is the wording that I used in the video and audio:

The Full Pure Power of the Universe REVOKES 5G from earth and humanity NOW

I REVOKE 5G from earth and humanity NOW

We All REVOKE 5G from earth and humanity NOW

Flowing Pure Light, Truth and Justice to all those in charge of making decisions about installing 5G

& to all humanity to awaken and know that 5G is death to humanity through various ways

On behalf of all citizens on earth, we all now revoke consent for 5G, command that all installations of 5G is stopped and removed.

Worldwide Petition

Here is the link for a worldwide petition to stop 5G and information about 5G, research and what people are doing:


Personal Protection

I have made an audio that you can put on your phone, which is silent so you can have the energy flowing out 24/7 to protect you where ever you go. 

You can find out more about this powerful Repelling EMF & 5G Radiation Audio.



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