Unblocking Divine Unions

Attacks on Divine Unions

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The energies and attacks on Divine Unions and Twin Flames is unbelievable! If you feel and know that you are in a Divine Twin Flame Union or know that you are destined to be soon then you will feel and know these attacks and don't really need me to share much more about being attacked and having energies working against you!

What we need are the fixes and stopping the attacks and unblocking anything that is blocking the physical unions from happening!

Unblocking Divine Unions

As I keep peeling back layers of attacking energies and going deeper, I find out new things that need energy work and releasing on. One of those things is to unseal and unbind all energies that have been blocking these unions and to revoke any contracts that have been placed on Divine Partners, without them knowing that are binding the to evil entities and stopping their Divine Union from actually physically happening now.

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Unblocking Divine Unions Audio

The energy work on this audio is very powerful, working deep to unseal, unbind and revoke all contracts placed on Divine Partners that are stopping them from physically uniting with their Divine partner now and being in their Divine Union.

A summary of the wording on this audio is:

  • This audio is approx 2 mins
  • Main track with audible powerful energy work
  • 2 Silent Filling Tracks
  • Silent Ungrounding Track
  • Silent Clearing Track
  • Silent Floating Track
  • Format - mp3 downloads 

 If you would like more information about this audio then please message me.

Listening Advice

Please start by listening just once and playing a Clearing Audio afterwards.

 It can take several hours to react to an audio, and sometimes energy can still be coming up days later, so I recommend on listening just once a day for several days and then slowly increase the frequency when you know that you're not being overwhelmed with energies leaving. 

You can also search for #ListeningAdvice for articles that I've already posted.

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