Reversing Dark Programs

When you become aware of how much dark programming you have been under it can be a bit freaky to say the least! So this audio has been designed to reverse any programming that may have been done during your life from any dark energy or any energies that were not totally Pure.

The more I work with people to release and shift out dark energies, the more I hear and find out that many of these dark energies are actually being infiltrated into people through relationships, family, friends, religion as well as through some spiritual practices in very hidden ways, so please do use this audio, even if you think you don't need it, because I believe we all need this energy work!

Purchase Reversing Dark Programs

There can be hidden dark programming in silent layers of supposed healing audios and tracks, including music, binaural beats, hypnosis and other that you have bought or listen to on You Tube or other channels. If you're discernment is giving you an instant feeling that something is off and wrong then you could have listened to these tracks for years and picked up so much bad and dark energy that you haven't realised was happening. Sadly many of the healers and speakers around have been infiltrated so their work is compromised or they are literally dark cloaked as Light.

If you have been adversely affected by anyone in your life who didn't have a Pure intention, then this audio will work to reverse this damaging programming. As well as working on evil and dark energies, it also works on stored energies relating to abuse and being abused.

Recommended Audios to Use with this Audio

To keep the releasing energies moving out so you don't feel any of the dark leaving, and to keep you feeling safe and protected, I highly recommend that you work with these audios. Both can be played on silent in the background and played on loop. They will be more powerful if you listen through headphones.

Clearing for Intense Energy Work

Pure Protection & Repelling All Evil

(Approx. Length: 5 mins)

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