Remote Transmissions - Protection & Repelling 5G, EMF & Radiation Energies
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Remote Transmissions - Protection & Repelling 5G, EMF & Radiation Energies

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Repel the Radiation Energies!                       Powerful Remote Protection Energy Work



 How can Radiation Energies be Repelled?

 We need to have an understanding of energy and how energy works to understand how any energy can be repelled.

Everything that exists is a form of energy, which is vibrating invisibly and has a vibration or frequency depending on how much / fast it is vibrating. This is a bit like musical notes having a name and key depending on whether they are really low or high notes and a name to define them.

There is energy that is good for us and comes from a Pure source. This energy gives us a feel good factor and works to heal our body and keep our mind, body, soul all in harmony and life feeling good.

There is also energy that makes us feel bad and ill and this comes from evil intentioned energy.

Universal or Natural Law 

The universe operates by Natural Law or Universal Law. These laws are not man-made but are universal and apply to all energy and all of humanity.

One of the Natural Laws states that:

Like Attracts Like and Opposites Repel

When we go back to the Pure energy and evil energy above, they are opposite energies and so by Natural Law they repel each other. 

 We can therefore use energy work, to raise our vibration so our own frequency is the opposite of evil and then use Pure intentions to repel unwanted lower energies from us such as 5G and radiation.

Many people are very concerned about the effects that 5G and all EMF and radiation energies will and are having on our brains and bodies. I have been doing energy work on myself to repel these energies for some time, this can be hard work to keep doing each day so I created an audio for this "Repelling EMF & Electromagnetic Radiation Energy" to help people be able to easily repel these energies by playing this silent audio on their phone.  

These new transmissions are for those who don't remember to play audios regularly or who are really wanting extra protection from radiation and harmful rays. You can also gift these transmissions to your loved ones if you are concerned for them.


30 Days or 14 Days

These 14 days transmissions will start on the 1st and 15th of each month, so if you've missed the 1st then you can book for the 15th, do book in time to receive your full 14 days!

You will receive your Pure Remote Protection Transmission remotely each day, so you don't need to do anything after you have signed up, just receive and enjoy feeling protected by this amazing powerful repelling energy work!

These transmissions are remote throughout the month. You will receive confirmation on signing up so you know you're registered and receiving the transmissions.

Please do email me if you'd like more information.

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