Remote Pure Transmissions - Pure Personal Protection
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Remote Pure Transmissions - Pure Personal Protection

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Feel Safe & Protected                                       Personal Protection Energy Work




Life is really hard going when we are feeling attacked. Everything is so much harder to do. We may have more accidents, injuries as well as more things going wrong with our belongings, appliances and technology. We don't need the extra expense the hassle!

Feeling attacked isn't nice either, especially if the fear or mind chatter takes hold and you're then living in fear. If this escalates then it is easy to start to become paranoid and that can lead to hysteria and mental issues, so this needs knocking on the head and sorting before it gets out of control.

These Powerful Personal Daily Remote Transmissions are sent to you every day for 30 days or 14 days.  I will be working directly on your energy as these transmissions are personal to just you and your energy.

You will receive a daily:

  • Powerful Remote Protection Energy Transmission to prevent dark energies from trying to attack you each day. This is especially useful when you are working on releasing and disconnecting from dark energies, where the backlash can be very nasty.
  • Pure Light Remote Transmission that works to raise your vibration and helps to repel dark and keep you feeling safe.
  • Clearing all the releasing energies and entities from out of your energy field so they can't sneak back in and start to attack you again.


At the beginning of the month, or the start of your transmissions, the energy work will be pretty intense, as more of this energy work is done then it will become less intense and easier to do.

Some people find one month of this protection work really transforms their life, whilst others may need a few month to really start to feel safe and able to move forwards in their life.

Feeling and being attacked makes life very unpleasant so if you're experiencing this then these transmissions will really help you!

30 Days or 14 Days

If finances are tight for you and you'd still like to benefit from these Personal Pure Transmissions then you can book 14 days instead of the full month. These 14 days transmissions will start on the 1st and 15th of each month, so do book in time to receive your full 14 days!

You will receive your Pure Remote Protection Transmission remotely each day, so you don't need to do anything after you have signed up, just receive and enjoy feeling these amazing high frequencies!

These transmissions are remote throughout the month. You will receive confirmation on signing up and an email at the end of the month and a daily infused email each day.

If you would like more personal connection then please check out my Connect with Michelle Group.

Please do email me if you'd like more information.

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