Remote Group Energy Work - 4 Days
Michelle Carter

Remote Group Energy Work - 4 Days

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Deep Remote Group Energy Work

Going Deep - Working on Issues through Lifetimes - Very Deep!


NEW ISSUE - Feeling Happy for no Reason!

Starts Monday 19th Aug

If life feels like a struggle for you and feeling happy seems like a distant dream then this 'Filling with Feeling Happy for no Reason' is for you!

Life is meant to be easy and joyous but many people have been, through deep past life energy, more aligned to struggle and hardship and so the happy feeling can be elusive to them, and I know this feeling well as this has been the case for me too!

To feel happy and joyous then we need happy and joyous energy stored inside our energy field and it needs to be more dominant, ie stronger than the struggle energies. The more we fill with the happy and joyous energies then the more we feel these good energies and they will repel the unwanted struggle energies, as opposites repel. 

We all deserve to feel happy, it is our Divine right to feel and be happy, so do join me for this Filling with Feeling Happy for no Reason energy work!


Deep Group Remote Energy Work  

At a Price for All to Afford!

Would you like to receive the depth and power of energy work I do in my Personal Remote Energy Work at a price you can afford?

4 Days of Powerful Remote Energy Work

Well this is the purpose of this Group Remote Energy Work, to make the power I do in personal sessions available to anyone who wishes it. 

By choosing issues that are common to most people, I can work on this one issue for the whole group, going really deep, into past lives and right to the core or start of the issue and release it as deeply as possible. 

Remote Work Monday - Thursday

Receive powerful Remote Energy Work for 4 consecutive days, starting on a Monday through to Thursday. 

I will choose a few different issues / emotions that seem to be very common to most people and will work on these issues. You can book whichever issue you most resonate with. The issues will change when I feel guided to change them. I usually work on an issue for around 4 weeks, although this can be more or less depending on the energy. 

New Filling the Void Energy Work!

After doing many weeks of intense cutting, disconnecting and releasing work going really deep to the start of the issue, it's time to do some really deep filling!

This energy work is going to working really deep and filling through deep layers and filling back from the start of an issue or lack of a Pure energy / emotion to now so that all space and voids is filled with this energy. 

How quickly you feel this energy filling you will depend on how much of a void you have, some people feel the filling straight away and others will need more filling to feel full, a bit like filling a jug of water, those who are half full will fill quicker than those who are on empty. 

Pure Energy Work for Week of Monday 19th August

  • Feeling Happy for no Reason!
  • Moving into a Higher Energy Life
  • Floating Free of Repeating Patterns, Struggle & Hardship
  • Filling 'I Am Lucky. I Am Aligned to Receive.'

    Daily Email

    I will send out a daily email after doing that day's energy work sharing what I have felt for each issue. 

    This email is really liked and looked forward to by those receiving this energy work!

    Who is This Energy Work For?

    This energy work is for everyone, especially those not feeling or seeing the good flowing into their lives. 

    If you're feeling stuck and would like some powerful energy work to help you move forwards then this remote work is priced so anyone can afford to book a week and experience some energy shifts!

    Can I Book More Than One Issue?

    My energy work is really powerful so I would recommend that you start with just one issue a week unless you have already done programs with me and know you can cope with the intensity. 

    I will be repeating the most popular issues so you won't miss out on any and you can email me to requests for this work and I will work with those most wanted and needed. 

    How Do I Book?

    You can book from Thursday afternoon to Sunday night to start on the Monday.

    Use the drop down menu above to choose the issue you'd like to book.

    When your order comes to me I will see which issue you have booked so you are placed in the correct group. If there is an error then please email me so I can change your group.

    What Do I Need to Do?

    You don't actually need to do anything to receive the energy work, but I would recommend that you play my Clearing Audio on loop 24/7 during the week with Pure Protection and a Filling / Floating Audio to help keep the releasing energies moving out.

    Got Any Questions?

    If you have a question then do email me and ask!

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