Members Remote Disconnecting Energy Work
Michelle Carter

Members Remote Disconnecting Energy Work

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Monthly Remote Energy Work



Powerful Personal Releasing & Disconnecting Energy Work for any personal issue you want to be released or disconnected from including:

  • Releasing from dark energies
  • Spells, curses and black magic
  • Cutting ties and bonds to people, issues, situations
  • Any other issue you'd like me to work on


Energy Work will be done calendar monthly, twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

There are two options available:

Option 1

This includes remote energy work for one issue, with just one change of issue throughout the month, so a total of two issues during the month.

If you wish to know what I'm feeling when I do the energy work then please choose Option 2.

 Personal Disconnecting Energy Work Cost for 2 days for the month - £42

Option 2

This includes hearing what I have felt when doing the energy work and any advice and support I feel is relevant to this energy work.

The issues being worked on can be adjusted throughout the month according to what is being felt by myself and you. 

Personal Disconnecting Energy Work  Cost for 2 days for the month - £64


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