Remote Pure Transmissions - Floating Above Fear
Michelle Carter Divine Channel

Remote Pure Transmissions - Floating Above Fear

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'It is miraculous work!'

'I'm feeling great - as if I was walking in the air'

'I have been so positive, very happy, calm and very heart centered'


Floating Your Energy Feels AMAZING!

We are in major shift energies and there is a lot going on in the world.  It is important that we stay above the vibration of fear and in higher energies.

These FLOATING ABOVE FEAR TRANSMISSIONS will keep your energy as high as possible so you don't feel the magnetic pull downwards into fear and getting caught up in the fear being felt by others. 

Fear is very destructive and lowers our energy which opens us up to other low energies such as illness. 

Having a high vibration repels fear and lower energies including illness and viruses. 

We know that any illness hits our aura first, which is our energy field so our most powerful protection it to repel illness and lower energies from our aura so they can't make to our physical body. 

Having a healthy body and alkaline pH will repel illness on the physical level. 


 Floating Transmissions will raise your vibration / frequency so you:

  • Feel good!
  • Life flows easier
  • Feel calmer and let go of the small stuff
  • Float above the chaos going on around you
  • Attract more good to you!

What is so great about these transmissions is that you just don't have to do anything! You just sign up and be open to receive!

Floating Above Fear & Into Higher Realms!

  • Receive daily remote Floating Transmissions &
  • Daily email with an infused image to uplift you 

Daily Remote Floating Transmissions

Receive amazing, beautiful floating energy remotely every WEEK DAY for this month and feel and notice how much better your life feels and flows!

Nothing to remember to do, just receive and enjoy!

Daily Email with Infused image! (Mon - Fri)

It is the 'staying in a high vibration' that seems so elusive for us, so included with these daily remote Floating Transmissions you will also receive a daily email with an infused image to remind you to choose to 'float' your energy whenever an issue crops up that could lower your vibration. 

I wil also share with you ways some of the ways our vibration is lowered without us really noticing until it's too late and we're down in despair, anxiety or worry. We need to stop this happening and float when we become aware of these situations - awareness is everything!

Choose Whole Month or 1/2 Month

If you have missed the start of the month then you can sign up to start on the 15th instead of having to wait a whole month to have these transmissions.

You can also choose 1/2 month to start on 1st or 15th if your finances are tight for you and you'd still like to benefit from these Personal Pure Transmissions.

These 1/2 month transmissions will start on the 1st and 15th of each month, so do book in time to receive all your transmissions!

Available as a Gift for Loved Ones

If you are purchasing as a gift for a loved one, then please do send details of the person to receive the transmissions. 

Just Sign Up and Enjoy!

You will receive your Pure Floating Transmission remotely each day, so you don't need to do anything after you have signed up, just receive and enjoy feeling these amazing high frequencies!

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