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Photo Personal Energy Reading

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What do Your Eyes say about You?

  • Have you ever wondered what other people see in your face & eyes?
  • So what are your eyes and soul expressing to the world?


Personalised Reading from Your Photo!

We can get so caught up in life and living the 'system of society' that we can get pulled off track and not notice that we're not fully connected to our heart and soul.

Would you like to know what is going on inside your energy?

  • Are You Following Your Divine Path and living from your heart & soul?
  • How connected to your heart and soul are you?
  • Are you heading in the right direction, or is your soul calling you to change directions?

"Our eyes are the window to our soul."

Our faces and eyes can say so much about us and our energy and what is has been going on with our energy. 

I do a lot of discerning through photos and faces and can also see deep hidden emotions and issues in someone's eyes.

If you're feeling stuck in your life then a 'photo reading of your energy' can help you to find out whether you're going in the right direction or not, and what action you need to take to have a happier more connected life.

Short Photo Reading 

From your photo I will see and feel the answers to the following questions:

  • Is there Light shining from your eyes?
  • Can I feel love in your face / heart?
  • Do you look / feel happy and content
  • Is your heart open and flowing love?
  • Are you connected to your soul?
  • Are you following your soul's desire / purpose?

From the information that I see and feel from the above questions, I will give you some 'Action Steps' to help you overcome any blocks in energy seen or felt. 

Please read "Information on Your Photo Reading" before booking.

Deeper Photo Reading with Remote Energy Healing

This reading includes the short reading as above but goes much deeper with feeling your energy and doing some remote energy work. 

I will do the following remote energy work:

  • Flow Pure Stillness to your mind
  • Flow Pure Love to your heart
  • Flow Pure Light and Truth to your soul

Depending on what I feel for the above, I will then do:

  • Releasing of mind chatter / mind programming
  • Releasing of heart barriers / not being open to receive love
  • Releasing of soul barriers / blocks to feeling connected to your soul guidance and purpose

After doing this energy work I will repeat the first energy work to see what I feel this time and also do the following energy work to feel any blocks / resistance in:

  • Flow of energy between mind and heart
  • Flow of energy between mind and soul
  • Flow of energy between heart and soul
  • Flow of energy between mind, heart and soul

Sometimes there may be 'reversals' going on, so as I send energy to your mind it can be felt in the heart or soul or vice versa, when this happens or when there are blocks stopping the flow of energy between mind, heart and soul then we are out of natural harmony with ourselves.

Life is going to be an on going battle when we are getting different feelings and messages from our mind, heart and soul so this does need addressing. You have probably felt this, when your mind / mind chatter is saying one thing and your heart is feeling something else and you're not sure what to do.

Inner conflict is so damaging, we can only find inner peace and harmony when this conflict has gone.

You will receive written information on what I feel for all of the above and what recommendations I have for you to move forwards from any remaining blocks / issues that I can feel. 

Information for Your Photo Reading

You will need to send me:

  • 2 photos of your face with eyes showing, one very recent and one older
  • If you wear glasses then please include one photo without glasses
  • Please do NOT send professional photos that have been photoshopped, I need to read your true authentic energy!

Information I will share:

  • This information will be honest and truthful from what I feel and see.
  • It would be out of integrity to not be totally honest, so if I see dark energies attacking in your energy then I will need to share this. If you don't wish to hear this information then please state this when sending in your photos, so I am honouring your choice and still being in integrity.

All information will be shared with the intention to help you release blocks and issues that are stopping you from being happier and living as the most authentic and genuine person you can be and to help you have the strongest most open heart and soul connections.

Information is confidential and will not be shared with anyone or stored long term, so please save your reading on your own device.

After booking your reading, you will be sent an email with more instructions on how to send your photos to me.

Expected Time Scale for Readings

Readings will be done as soon as possible, in order of being received. 

Current time scale is approx 7 days to receive your reading.

No refunds will be given on personal readings.

Michelle reserves the right to decline a reading  and refund your purchase, without specifying a reason.

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