Pure Transmissions - Harmonising Your Mind, Heart & Soul
Michelle Carter Divine Channel

Pure Transmissions - Harmonising Your Mind, Heart & Soul

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Feel Deep Inner Peace & Stillness,           Feel Authentic, Truth & in Integrity,           Feel Pure Love flow through your Heart

Powerful Pure Energy Transmissions sent remotely to harmonise your Mind, Heart & Soul Energies.



Powerful Daily Remote Energy Transmissions

You don't need to do anything other than desire a positive outcome and be open to receiving these powerful energy transmissions.

You can set powerful Pure Intentions to amplify the transmissions to be feeling inner harmony as quickly as possible, which will involve some releasing of unwanted energies, or you can choose to just flow and allow the process to be guided by your inner wisdom.


  • You don't need to do anything!
  • No listening to audios
  • No remembering to meditate or play an audio
  • Just book and be open to receive!

One Month of Pure Transmissions

Including flowing Pure Transmissions to your Mind, Heart and Soul each day 
Flowing Pure Transmissions to harmonise your Mind, Heart and Soul each day

I will flow powerful Pure energies between your mind, heart and soul in all combinations to harmonise the flow of energy between these energy centres so they are all equal and working together for the highest and purest outcome you set.

End the Inner Conflict

Stop the Hamster 'Worry Wheel!'

Feel Aligned & Balanced!

Feel Inner Harmony!

Feel Your Full Pure Power! 

Transform your energy and transform your reality NOW!

Amazing Price of £59 for 30 days energy work, that is less than £2 per day to Harmonise Your Mind, Heart and Soul and really start to feel your Full Pure Power flow!

These Pure Transmissions will start on 1st calendar monthly.  


Ancient wisdom has known for centuries that our True Power lies in our heart and soul energy and in FEELING this energy.

Science is now catching up and starting to prove that this is true! Not only has science shown that our heart energy (ie our feelings) is 5,000 times more powerful than our thoughts, but now it is also showing that there are 'mind like cells' inside our heart, so our heart does actually have it's own wisdom.

Anyone who has felt that 'kicked in the gut' feeling that is warning us that something is very wrong, will also know from an inner knowing that we have our own inner wisdom in our souls / abdomen area. Maybe science will do experiments here in the future and prove this to be true also. 

Fortunately, we don't need science to prove anything to us to benefit from knowing that we have an inner wisdom in hearts and souls, all we need is the desire to harmonise our mind, heart and soul energy which has become so out of balance and so mind dominated over the years.

Mind Dominated Living

Society has become mind dominated and we are brought up to be mind dominated. Intuition and inner wisdom is talked down and put down, but huge change is happening and those who are aware are really desiring to feel this inner wisdom and power from our heart and souls, through our feelings,  as deeply as possible.

We have been living in stress, anxiety, fear, panic, lack and so out of alignment with how our soul desires and needs us to live and this out of alignment has reached breaking point for many, where a big turn around is happening and people are choosing heart and soul energy over mind control and mind energy.

Huge mind programming has happened to us all. I mean if our feelings and heart energy is 5,000 times more powerful than our mind and thoughts and society is mind / thought dominant then that is huge programming that has gone on to create this imbalance, over 5,000 times mind programming is needed to equal our feeling so probably double that to be thought dominant.

Heart Based Living

We have all heard of heart based living and living through our feelings and living in the moment, but actually achieving this 24/7 is pretty elusive to most. Why? Well because of the above, so much mind programming going on, where the mind energy is just so dominant that the heart and soul don't get much of a look in.

I have done much energy work on Mind, Heart and Soul and with the new information coming in from science, along with feeling inner wisdom about this new information, I'm really feeling the power and importance in balancing or harmonising our Mind, Heart and Soul energy rather than just working on them independently. If we know one area needs a lot more energy and focus then that energy work still needs to be done, but the harmonising of all three is so needed to feel inner peace, harmony and contentment.

We Are Powerful Pure Beings

We've all heard we are powerful beings of Light and Inner Wisdom, and many of us are really feeling the calling to fully step into our Full Pure Power and shine this out to the world.

To do this we need our Mind, Heart and Soul to be working together in harmony and not in conflict. It is this conflict between mind and heart or mind and soul that is keeping people stuck in thoughts and boomeranging back into lower energies and older patterns. 

Do You Want to Break Free?

Yes of course you do!

Well to be free we need to end the inner conflict which means we need to balance and align our inner energy.

When our mind is still and listening to our heart and soul energy then it can be used to support the inner wisdom and truth that is flowing to us. Using our Mind, Heart and Soul energy together in balance harmony is so powerful!



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