Exclusive to "Connect with Michelle" Members! 


Another amazing benefit of being a member 'Connect with Michelle' is the opportunity to go deeper into personal issues with an extremely powerful One on One Energy Work. This work can be done with regular Personal Remote Energy Work or through Personal One on One Live Phone Sessions.

This personal energy work goes really deep through many, many layers and lifetimes and have really transformed lives!

Monthly Personal Remote Energy Work 

  • * Filling with 2 Pure Energies
    * Clearing Energy Work
    * Releasing / Disconnecting  Work
  • Weekly Personal Remote Energy Work

    • * Filling and Floating for 7 Days
      * Clearing the Energies for 7 Days

Live One on One Sessions

* 15 mins of Live Phone Session
* 30 mins of Live Phone Session

Monthly Personal Remote Energy Work 

Available on a month by month basis, runs from 1st of the month to end of the month


Filling with 2 Pure Energies

Sending Pure Energy Transmissions to you 3 times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays.

You can choose any two of the following Pure Energies: 

* Pure Love 
* Pure Light
* Pure Peace
* Pure Joy
* Pure Truth
* Pure Wisdom
* Pure Abundance
* Pure TwinFlame Love
* Pure Heaven
* Pure Creation
* Pure Being

Personal Filling - Cost for 3 days a week during the month - £22

Clearing Energy Work  

Personal clearing of releasing energies. This is highly recommended after a having a personal One on One with Michelle, to really shift out all the energies being released, or during programs and intense energy work and intense global energy phases! 

The clearing energy work will be done Monday to Friday each week during the month.

Personal Clearing - Cost for 5 days a week for the month - £52

Releasing / Disconnecting Energy Work

Personal Releasing / Disconnecting Energy Work for any personal issue you want to be released or disconnected from, including releasing from dark energies, spells, curses and cutting ties and bonds to people.

Energy Work will be done twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

There are two options available:

Option 1

This includes just the energy work with just one change of issue throughout the month, so a total of two issues during the month. If you wish to know what I'm feeling when I do the energy work then please choose option2.

 Personal Releasing / Disconnecting Energy Work  - Cost for 2 days for the month - £42

Option 2

This includes advice and support after the energy work and any adjusting of the energy work throughout the month according to what is being felt.

Personal Releasing / Disconnecting Energy Work  - Cost for 2 days for the month - £64


Weekly Personal Remote Energy Work

This powerful weekly energy work is ideal for when an emergency hits and you need some powerful energy to shift your vibration to move out of an issue into higher realms. Great for:

* After personal one on one sessions
* Upsets, shocks or times of trauma
* Major changes in your life needing more energetic support


Filling and Floating for 7 Days

Sending Transmissions of Pure Stillness and Pure Love to you every day for seven consecutive days from date of booking.

Personal Filling & Floating - Cost for 7 days - £14

Clearing the Energies for 7 Days

Doing powerful energy work to clear any releasing energies after intense energy sessions and great for after a One on One Personal Session or Live Calls. Energy work is done every day for seven consecutive days from date of booking.

Personal Clearing the Energies - Cost for 7 Days - £19


Live One on One Sessions

One to One sessions are:

* Total privacy, just you and me
* Personal advice and support on an issue
* Help resolve issues that are not covered by my audios
* Great for very stubborn or deeply hidden blocks
* Perfect for finding out what the block is
* Recorded so you can keep the file and re-listen

Do you have issues that are specific to you or do you feel stuck and blocked and are not sure why?

Personal sessions can really dig deeply and find those hidden blocks that are keeping you stuck in the life you don't want. Part of the session will be asking you questions to find these hidden blocks, often the cause isn't where we think it is! I will be able to tune in and feel what needs releasing as I hear your answers and get guidance on what to work on.

If you are feeling attacked and need some really powerful energy work to shift dark energies, demons, entities or a really stubborn issue then a recorded personal session is ideal as not only is the energy work being done personally for you but it is recorded so you have an download of the call to keep and replay to work on even deeper levels and to hear the information again. Most people are quite spaced during my live calls, so it is really wonderful to be able to listen again in your time and really soak up the information and energy work.
During a One on One Personal Phone Call, I am able to do much deeper and more powerful energy work than I would be able to on a group call, as all the energy channeling will be directed at you and your issues, with all the releasing energies being shifted out easier and quicker.
All sessions are totally confidential and all issues will be worked on with compassion and caring.

Your live call is recorded using Instant Tele-seminar phone lines, so you can listen again, as we usually forget everything that was said at the time! This also allows you to hear the energy work as many times as you desire, to really work on deeper layers and through past lives.
Times of calls will be arranged after you book and call details will be sent to you via email.

Calls will be between the hours of 1pm - 8pm UK time, on Wedsnedays and Fridays. (UK is GMT in winter and BST in Summer)

 (A time converter is available here)


Live One on One 15 mins Session - £77

Live One on One 30 mins Session - £127

Length of Session