Support Membership for Healers

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                                              Amazing Help & Support for Healers

This support for healers has been put together to give you all the help and support I would have liked when I was starting out!

It can be daunting setting up as a healer, so here is some support for you so that you feel energetically safe and protected, with physical advice and support just an email away, along with being able to chat live with Michelle on the monthly live call and ask any questions you have about your healing work. 

This support membership includes:

  • Daily Remote Group Protection Energy Work
  • Daily Remote Group Filling with Pure Stillness Energy Work
  • Monthly Live Q & A Call
  • Support via Email for any Healing / Client Issues that Crop Up


ONLY £49 per MONTH!

Keep Your Energy High & Stress Low!
Working with people who have issues can be draining on your own energy and when we start to feel drained it's easy to become stressed! This can lead to a downward spiral, lowering your frequency and letting dark energies in to attack. 

Receiving Powerful Daily Remote Group Filling with Pure Stillness Transmissions will keep your mind calm, your energy in a higher realm so you can maintain a high energy and low or no stress!


Feel Protected & Safe with Daily Remote Protection Work!

You will receive a Powerful Daily Remote Group Transmission to repel all energies attacking you and your healing work / business.

Like anything in life, when we keep on top of something we feel clearer and more in control and the same is so true of our energy. Repelling all energies attacking you each day is a powerful way to keep your energy free of being attacked.

Once dark energies get a foot in the door to attack you, your computer or business then it can be hard going getting rid of them. The best way to be free of dark energies attacking is to not let them get a foot in the door, by repelling them every day and doing powerful Filling / Floating Energy Work.  

A Monthly Q & A Live Call!

Each month there will be a live call where you will have the opportunity to chat 'Live with Michelle' and ask her questions about anything that has cropped up for you and is a concern with your healing energy work including:

  • How to move forwards with a client
  • Shift blocks that aren't releasing
  • Deal with attacking energies 
  • Keep your own energy clear and as high as possible

Feeling connected to others physically and being able to chat to someone live really takes the burden of doing everything on your own away!

Just knowing there is someone there who wants to help you can feel so supportive and reduced stress, worry and fears around doing healing work. 

The call usually lasts from 60-90 minutes and are recorded so you can download them to re-listen and listen to all the answers again. It also means that you don't miss out if you can't listen live, as work and time zones can be an issue!

You have the option to:

  • Phone in and speak with Michelle
  • Post a question on the webcast or send it before the call starts
  • Just listen in to the questions and answers from others
  • Catch the replay later if you can't make the live call.

You will be emailed details of how to join the call and the date and time of the call at the beginning of each month.

You can connect LIVE to the call:

On a computer - Free on-line webcast software on-line through Chrome. (You need to have Chrome installed on your computer for this option.)

By phone - Numbers in all major countries to phone in

Replay - Downloads to your computer so you can save and listen as often as you want!

Email Support throughout the Month

If you have any questions that need to be answered before the live call then you can email Michelle and get some help and advice via email. 

It's so supportive to know that there is someone to turn and get advice from if you have an issue crop up with a client or your feeling attacked. Often just sharing a problem with someone you trust will help to release and heal the issue. 

Don't struggle alone and feel burdened, ask via email and get issues resolved quickly and easily!

Email support is available Monday - Friday throughout the month


Membership Details - ONLY £49 a Month

  • Daily Remote Group Protection Energy Work
  • Daily Remote Group Filling with Pure Stillness Energy Work
  • Monthly Live Q & A Call
  • Support for any Healing / Client Issues that Crop Up

This membership package is amazing value giving healers energetic and physical support and advice for just £49 a month!


Membership Terms and Conditions

You will be added to receive the Daily Group Remote Transmissions and Protection Energy Work on receipt of your booking.

Live Call information will be emailed out to each month.

Subscriptions will be charged and start on the day you book, (allowing for time zone differences) and end the day you cancel.

No refunds are given for monthly membership subscription.

This is a PayPal recurring monthly subscription.

Membership Terms may be changed if considered necessary and details will be emailed to you.

To unsubscribe and cancel your membership, click on the unsubscribe button below or email Michelle.

Your membership will end the day you cancel and not the date of your subscription.