Opening Your Free Swiss Gold Global Account

Below are some videos showing you the first steps you need to take to open your Swiss Gold Global Free Account.

There are a couple of important pieces of information that I forgot to mention when recording, so please do take note of these!

Your Personal Details

When filling in your personal details they do need to be the same as on your driving license or an official document as these details will be checked later, in line with rules about money laundering prevention.

Choosing a User Name

If you decide to upgrade and introduce people as a sponsor then this is the name that will be visible to them, so try and choose a name that relates to you in someway, that can be accepted because duplicate names cannot be used, so you may need to add numbers after your name for example.

My user name is Michelle21, just because my birthday is the 21st!

Step 1 - Open Your Free Account

Step 2 - Log Into Your Account

Once you have completed all the details on the Sign Up page you will receive an email.

When you have your confirmation email, (do check your spam folder if it doesn’t show up almost immediately) then follow the instructions in the video below.

Do choose a secure password using symbols and numbers as well as upper and lower case letters and keep this safe.

You may find that you get an 'Access Denied' message sometimes when logging in. This is for added security and will be resolved if you Clear your Browser History. You can do this from your browser, Chrome or Safari menu bar at the top of the page:

 (Close Your SGG Tab 1st) - Click History - Show Full History - Clear Browsing Data - Log back into SGG

Step 3 - Confirm Your Account

Here is a welcome video from Swiss Gold Global CEO - Bill Rowell, showing a short introduction to your Free Account and how to use your referral link to sign up your friends with a Free Account.

You will receive 2.5% in HashPower for all HashPower purchases your free members make.

This HashPower allows you to earn bitcoins even if you don't make any purchase yourself!

Follow the instructions in following videos to confirm your account.

You will be sent another email with some instructions to follow. Do check your spam folder if you don't receive this email and add SGG email address to your contacts / address book.

Confirm Your Account - Part 1

Confirm Your Account - Part 2

If you have any problems or would like to see a full video walking you through this process on how to do this confirmation process, then do watch this video by Bill Rowell who is the CEO of Swiss Gold Global -  "KYC" SGG Account Confirmation

Step 4 - Wallets

Whilst you're waiting for your account to be confirmed, your next step after this is to check crypto wallets, choose which wallet you want and open up your wallet.

For more information on how to choose a wallet and

how to add your wallet address to SGG see wallets