A New Exchange System

Here is a quick overview of this new exchange system and what it is all about, which might help you to understand the video below better, especially if all this terminology is new to you. The whole Blockchain, Bitcoin, Mining topic can be a little confusing!

The Blockchain is an independent system of paying and exchanging outside of our current banking and monetary system.

There are many digital currencies called Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin was the first digital currency invented and is currently the largest and most popular. Other digitial currencies include Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin and many more.

Digital currencies do not exist in physical form, there is no physical money, it is all on-line transferring of money like bank transfers or bank wires that go directly from person to person or person to shop with no banks or middle man involved.

The value of cryptocurrencies can go up and down like stocks and shares. Currently the expected trend is to go as this form of exchange becomes a lot more popular. It is still in very early days and the majority of people in the world are not using it, so huge expansion is expected. This means that now is a good time to get involved!

New coins are created by a process called mining. Mining is checking and validating each transaction that is taking place on the blockchain. Each time someone makes a transaction it needs to be validation and this is done by very powerful computers that cost a lot to run. Through SGG you can pay money to the mining companies so they can do the computing needed to keep the blockchain running and in return you are paid bitcoins, or parts of a bitcoin, depending on how much money you invest.

Hash power is the a measure of how much bitcoin you can earn. The more hash power you have then the more bitcoin will be generated from your investment.

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