Monthly Live Call & Remote Work Membership

Receive the following amazing benefits: 

LIVE MONTHLY CALL - Live Work on Your Personal Issues!
DAILY INFUSED EMAILS - Feel uplifted & Inspired!


      Each month there is a live call where you will have the opportunity to chat 'Live with Michelle' and have her work on your own personal issues!

      This is an amazing opportunity to have some personal work done at such an amazing and affordable price! You can call in live and speak to Michelle or send in a request for healing work to be done for you. 

      Members often comment after the calls that they found the energy work done on other members was really relevant for them too and so you really do benefit from the whole call.

      The energy work is very powerful and can keep processing through deeper layers hours or even days after the call!

      The call usually lasts from 60-90 minutes and are recorded so you can download them to re-listen and work on deeper layers. It also means that you don't miss out if you can't listen live, as work and time zones can be an issue!

      You have the option to:

      • Phone in and speak with Michelle
      • Post a question or request on the webcast
      • Just listen in and enjoy the powerful energy work!
      • Catch the replay later if you can't make the live call.

      You will be emailed details of how to join the call and the date and time of the call at the beginning of each month.

      On a computer - Free on-line webcast software on-line through Chrome. (You need to have Chrome installed on your computer for this option.)

      By phone - Numbers in all major countries to phone in

      Replay - Downloads to your computer so you can save and listen as often as you want!


      This call was absolutely amazing and so so powerful - each request was relevant to me and I know that tons has shifted. It’s one that I’ll be listening to a lot to continue to shift those layers out of here. Thanks so much Michelle for all that you do... I am enjoying your membership group so much and know that each day we are bringing more and more light to our lives and the planet! I so appreciate you!

      — Kimber (USA)

      The Monthly Live Calls are SO powerful! We shift lots of issues and energy!


      Daily Remote Group Transmissions 

      You will receive a Powerful Daily Remote Group Transmission to raise your vibration into higher realms and attract Divine Flow into your life, 

      The Remote Transmissions will vary each month from the following:

      • Flowing Pure Stillness to Your Mind
      • Flowing Pure Love to Your Heart
      • Flowing Pure Light & Truth to Your Soul
      • Floating into Higher Realms

      The 'Powerful Remote Daily Pure Energy Transmissions' will allow you to shift into living from an open heart, flowing love to yourself and your life and seeing the amazing impact this has on people around you!

      Leave the mind chatter behind and move into a new more loving ‘heart and feeling’ way of living.

      "Wow Michelle. I felt so at peace and calm even with some big incidents that happened to me.
      I was just peaceful, calm and loving. Thank you so much.!!!!" 

      "I must say I feel the support of the pure love transmissions, it creates harmony and a safe feeling of wholeness.
      A few times I felt myself floating above the chaos in a peaceful place.
      My heart feels full and flowing over with love and this is soothing and I just feel happy."  💖💖💖

      "Thank you for offering the free love remote transmission. So many wonderful things happened over this period;my relationship with my husband was a lot better, we were laughing more., I felt a lot lighter and at ease within myself.
      I felt as though I had so much energy and such love and compassion . Thank you for this."

      "Many thanks for all you are doing!!! I am grateful for your stabilizing daily energies is this turbulent time. They help me stay balanced and focused on my journey without the highs and lows of the rollercoaster of the past."


      Daily Infused Email with Infused Image 

      Each day I will send out an infused email with a photo or image to inspire and uplift your day.

      Some people can really feel the energy infused into the images as well as the remote transmissions that are sent. 


      "Strong energy in this picture.

      I can feel the purifying, loving and uplifting energy in this picture and flower as soon as I saw the picture.

      Physically clearly tangible. Refined energies. It is as if the flowers are in 3D and coming out of my computer screen and as if I could really touch them.

      Beautiful Divine detailed art of nature."


      "This image is Pure magic. I feel such joy looking at it I was staring at it for a good five minutes.

      I can tell I’ll keep looking at it during the day. My daily dose of happiness." ❤️


      "That is so lovely Michelle. I imagined myself there enjoying the harbour. Thank you!"


      My 'Live Call & Remote Work Membership' really transforms people and the way they see the world and live!

      “You give such personal attention, like no other service I have ever experienced!”


      Michelle is aware that finances can be a challenge for many people and she likes to give back to those who value her work and join her membership.

      As a member you can receive discounts on audios and packages purchased through Michelle's website.

      You will receive your discount code for your group membership via email each month to use at the checkout.


      Membership Details

      • Monthly Live Call
      • Daily Remote Group Transmission
      • Daily Infused Email with Infused Image
      • Discounts on Audios & Packages

      This membership package is amazing value, the cost of personal work is usually more than many can afford, but you can receive this personal one on one live for just £25 a month!

      SAVE 50% on the cost of purchasing these items separately!

      ONLY £25 for all of the above


      Membership Terms and Conditions

      You will be added to your Daily Group Remote Transmission and Daily Infused Email on receipt of your booking.

      You don't need to do anything once you have joined, the transmissions will be sent to you daily along with the infused emails. If you don't receive an email then please let me know.

      Subscriptions will be charged and start on the day you book, (allowing for time zone differences) and end the day you cancel.

      No refunds are given for monthly membership subscription.

      Discount Coupon codes  are only valid for members of the group.

      Membership Terms may be changed if considered necessary and details will be emailed to you.

      This is a PayPal recurring monthly subscription.

      To unsubscribe and cancel your membership, click on the unsubscribe button below or email Michelle.

      Your membership will end the day you cancel and not the date of your subscription.