Connect with Michelle


My 'Connect with Michelle Membership' really transforms people and the way they see the world and live!

“You give such personal attention, like no other service I have ever experienced!”


My 'Connect with Michelle' group is such a safe and loving place to share that members do feel instant love, warmth and acceptance.  

Probably the most nurturing support you will receive whilst transforming your life into a higher vibration with like minded loving souls. You will feel like you belong in this group!  

Feeling loved and supported and able to openly express all those hidden feelings without being judged!


Connect with Michelle is a Very Special Group of Light Souls.

Joining is my invitation only, for who have already done programs, remote work and audios with Michelle and have energy / intention that will fit into the group.

If you have worked with me on programs and remote work and would like to join then please email me.


Daily Personal Connection to Michelle in her Private Facebook Group

This group is totally private and hidden from non-members so only members can see who is a member and read the posts and comments.

Michelle checks the group daily for new posts and answers any questions that have been asked and giving advice on issues that pop up.

The service she gives is very caring and one of the most valued benefits of this membership! (If you don’t like Facebook, you can still book this membership package to receive the other amazing benefits.)

All subjects and topics are discussed within this safe and loving space and this allows members to open up, share stored issues and really release them and let them go, knowing they will receive love and support as they do this.

You will be able to really make some amazing new friends in this exclusive private membership group. Trying to cope alone is very isolating and lonely, so don't struggle alone when you have a much easier option!


You will receive a Powerful Daily Remote Group Transmission to raise your vibration into higher realms and attract Divine Flow into your life, along with an infused email with image which uplifts and boosts your day!

The Remote Transmissions will vary each month from the following:

  • Flowing Pure Stillness to Your Mind
  • Flowing Pure Love to Your Heart
  • Flowing Pure Light & Truth to Your Soul
  • Floating into Higher Realms

The 'Powerful Remote Daily Pure Energy Transmissions' will allow you to shift into living from an open heart, flowing love to yourself and your life and seeing the amazing impact this has on people around you! Leave the mind chatter behind and move into a new more loving ‘heart and feeling’ way of living.


Each month there is a live call where you will have the opportunity to chat 'Live with Michelle' and have her work on your own personal issues!

Members often comment after the calls that they found the energy work done on other members was really relevant for them and so you really do benefit from the whole call. The energy work is very powerful and can keep processing through deeper layers hours or even days after the call!

The call usually lasts from 60-90 minutes and are recorded so you can download them to re-listen and work on deeper layers. It also means that you don't miss out if you can't listen live, as work and time zones can be an issue!

You have the option to:

  • Phone in and speak with Michelle
  • Post a question or request on the webcast
  • Just listen in and enjoy the powerful energy work!

You can listen in for free via the Webcast software on-line through Chrome, or and you can phone in.


This call was absolutely amazing and so so powerful - each request was relevant to me and I know that tons has shifted. It’s one that I’ll be listening to a lot to continue to shift those layers out of here. Thanks so much Michelle for all that you do... I am enjoying your membership group so much and know that each day we are bringing more and more light to our lives and the planet! I so appreciate you!

— Kimber (USA)

The Monthly Live Calls are SO powerful! We shift lots of issues and energy!


Michelle likes to acknowledge and thank you for your loyalty for being a part of her 'Connect with Michelle' community.

As a member you can receive discounts on audios and packages purchased through Michelle's website.

You will receive your discount code for your group membership via email each month to use at the checkout.


Another amazing benefit of being a member 'Connect with Michelle' is the opportunity to go deeper into personal issues with an extremely powerful One on One Live Phone Sessions.

These sessions work really deeply through many, many layers and lifetimes and have really transformed lives, especially for those being attacked by dark eneriges and entities.

Many Light-workers come to Michelle to be free of dark energies and feeling and being constantly attacked, and release entities in their bodies or energy.


Membership Details

  • Daily Personal Connection with Michelle
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Monthly Live Call
  • Daily Remote Group Transmission
  • Daily Infused Email with Infused Image
  • Discounts on Audios & Packages
  • Priority Booking of One to One Sessions




Membership Terms and Conditions

You will be given details of how to join the "Connect with Michelle' Private Facebook Group, live call details and your discount code when you subscribe. Should you have any queries with your booking, then please email us on

You will be added to your Daily Group Remote Transmission and Daily Infused Email on receipt of your booking.

Subscriptions will be charged and start on the day you book, (allowing for time zone differences) and end the day you cancel.

No refunds are given for monthly membership subscription.

Discount Coupon codes  are only valid for members of the group.

Membership Terms may be changed if considered necessary and details will be posted in the group.

Posts & comments to promote yourself or other healers will not be allowed in this group. You can post them on your own profile page.

Channelling of dark energies into the group, attacking or sabotaging Michelle, her group or any groups members will not be tolerated.

Joining the group gives Michelle permission to work on your energy, including any necessary energy work to eliminate the above.

To unsubscribe and cancel your membership, click on the unsubscribe button below. 

Your membership will end the day you cancel and not the date of your subscription.