Remote Pure Transmissions - Pure Light
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Remote Pure Transmissions - Pure Light

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Feel Empowering Pure Light Flow to Your Soul!

Do You Feel a Strong Powerful Soul Connection? 

Are You Living in the Moment through Your Feelings?


There has never been a more important time to be connected to your soul, to feel discernment and be Divinely guided through the crazy and confusing global shift energies!

Awakening Starts with a Strong Soul Connection!

The more we are feeling our soul connection then the easier it is to:

  • Discern
  • Make good decisions
  • Connect to those in Truth & Integrity
  • Feel your Divine guidance encouraging and supporting you
  • Feeling, seeing and getting messages to show you're on the right path


What is so great about these transmissions is that you just don't have to do anything! You just sign up and be open to receive!

Each WEEKDAY for a month or 1/2 month I will send remote Pure Light Transmission energies to your soul so you can have a more open and stronger soul connection.

These transmissions are great for anyone wanting to feel a stronger soul connection, more guidance and be able to discern more easily. They will also work to raise your vibration and have you feeling lighter and more guided and inspired!

You will receive your Pure Light Transmission remotely each WEEKDAY, so you don't need to do anything after you have signed up, just receive and enjoy feeling these amazing high frequencies!

Daily Email with Infused image! (Mon - Fri)

You will also receive a daily email on weekdays,  with an infused image to remind you that Filling and Feeling Pure Stillness is so powerful and will really change your vibration and mood in the moment!

We all do know this but remembering this when we most need it can be a challenge, so having beautifully infused images each day is a great way to be reminded that we can use energy work to Fill and Float us into a better feeling and better realm of energy!

Choose a Whole Month or 1/2 Month

Runs calendar monthly from 1st month

If you have missed the start of the month then you can sign up to start on the 15th instead of having to wait a whole month to have these transmissions.

You can also choose to start on 1st if your finances are tight for you and you'd still like to benefit from these Personal Pure Transmissions.

These transmissions will start on the 1st and 15th of each month, so do book in time to receive your full transmissions!

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