Personal Remote Energy Work - 4 Days
Michelle Carter

Personal Remote Energy Work - 4 Days

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Powerful Personal Remote Releasing  Energy Work

For Clients to Go Deeper on Specific Issues


Powerful Personal Energy Work for Clients!

Do you need a super blast of powerful energy to release energy around an issue that you've been stuck in?

So many people are feeling stuck in their lives and just don't seem able to move forwards. Having an intense powerful releasing session for 4 consecutive days really does work to shift out stubborn blocks, illness and issues that are stopping you living a life of happiness and personal freedom.

Powerful Personal Energy Work for EXISTING CLIENTS ONLY

This super powerful energy work is for existing clients who have already worked with my audios and received group remote energy work and would like specific issues that need personal attention to be worked on.

If you haven't already worked with my audios or remote energy work then please start with this.

My Pure Protection Audio will be needed before, during and after any personal work.

Also Clearing for Intense Energy Work will be needed after the sessions.

Please do work with these audios before booking any personal work with me. 


Remote Personal Energy Work for 4 Days

Receive powerful Remote Energy Work for 4 consecutive days, starting on a Monday through to Thursday. 

Option A - Personal Issues

Powerful Personal Releasing & Disconnecting Energy Work for ONE personal issue you want to be released or disconnected. You can choose from the following areas or email an issue that is more personal to you:

  1. Feeling stuck and unable to move forwards
  2. Health related issues
  3. Relationship issues
  4. Lack, struggle, hardship
  5. Not valuing yourself, lack of self worth or self confidence
  6. Fears - being seen, heard, heights, crowds etc
  7. Family Issues
  8. Cutting ties and bonds to people, issues, situations
  9. Abuse, trauma, grief
  10. Addictions
  11. Any unwanted emotion - feeling blamed, shame, humiliation, guilt, judged etc
  12. Past Life Issues

Option B - Releasing dark / evil

  1. Releasing from dark energies,
  2. Releasing / Revoking spells, curses,  black magic, witchcraft
  3. Revoking demons
  4. Cutting ties to evil / lower realms
  5. Revoking / reversing dark programs / working with dark 'healers' 

Daily Email / Support

You will receive a daily email from me sharing what energy work I have done and what I've felt that day when doing the energy work. 

This remote energy work will be similar to the energy work I do in a personal session, but will be a shorter burst of energy that is repeated over 4 days, allowing me to go deeper each day than can be done in one single personal phone session. This going deeper each day is to reach 'the root' of the issue and work on pulling the root out!


Email Me Your Issue!

After you've booked, just email me the issue you'd like me to work and I will confirm the Monday that I will be starting the energy work. 

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