Wealth Package
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Wealth Package

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Release & Disconnect from Lack of Wealth

& Fill & Float Your Energy into Pure Abundance!


6 Powerful Audios to Allow Wealth to Flow to You!

  • Release Lack of Wealth 

  • Disconnect from Lack of Wealth

  • Release & Float above Spells and Curses 

  • Filling & Floating with Pure Abundance

  • Clearing for Intense Energy Work 

  • Filling & Floating with Pure Light 

These mp3 audio downloads have been put together to give you a great program to release the blocks that are stopping you from having Pure Abundance flow to you.  

If we don't resonate positively with the vibration of wealth then we are not going to attract it, so all blocks to receiving wealth need to be released and cleared away so you can fill with frequencies of Pure Abundance.

We cannot attract that which we do not have, so if you don't have Pure Abundance energies in your energy, then you won't be attracting it, and if you did have them in a great enough quantity to attract wealth and abundance to you then you would already be attracting it. So this kind of shows that you need more Pure Abundance vibrations if you're reading this and wanting more wealth and abundance in your life!

You will receive a series of emails guiding you through the following audios, which order to listen to and for how long etc. The first audio will be included at checkout and the remaining audios will follow through the emails.

If you have any problems with receiving your audios then please email me!

For more information on these audios check them out on the links below:

Release Lack of Wealth - £12.99

Releasing thoughts, beliefs, patterns that are keeping you stuck in lack, including deep hidden beliefs and patterns that you might not know you have!

Disconnect from Lack of Wealth - £22.99

Disconnecting from global grids and matrices that stop you from having financial freedom and being free of worry and anxiety around money and wealth.

Release & Float above Spells and Curses - £22.99

If money isn't flowing or you feel 'unlucky' with money then you could well be cursed or have spells on you that are stopping abundance and wealth flowing to you. These spells and curses will need releasing for you to have flowing abundance.

Filling & Floating with Pure Abundance - £12.99

We cannot attract that which we don't have, so if you don't have Pure Abundance energies in your energy field then you need them to attract them! Great audio for filling you with Pure Abundance energies and raising your frequency.

Clearing for Intense Energy Work - £22.99

 After doing Releasing and Disconnecting energy work we need to clear the energies fully away and out of our energy field. This powerful audio works to do just that for you!

Filling & Floating with Pure Light - £12.99

Pure Light raises our frequency and repels lower dark, evil and unwanted energies, so a great audio to keep you in high energies and attracting good to you. It's really good to play Filling audios after Releasing and this is a great audio to play after Releasing Spells & Curses.

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