Twin Flame / True Love Package
Michelle Carter

Twin Flame / True Love Package

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Powerful Energy Work - True Love

Stop energies attacking True Love from connecting

Disconnecting from attacking of Twin Flames

Fill and Float your love into the highest realms

Keep the love flowing in your relationship!


2 Calls with 240 mins of Powerful Energy Work

+ 4 Short Powerful Audios for regular listening

  • Filling and Floating You and Your Twin Flame - 5 mins
  • Releasing All Attacking Energies and Spells - 4 mins
  • Disconnecting  - 6 mins
  • Twin Flame Transmission  - 8.5 mins
  • Twin Flame Call 1  - 1hr 42 mins
  • Twin Flame Call 2  - 1hr 55 mins

SAVE £80 on individual prices with this amazing package!

The energy work in these 2 calls is incredibly powerful and you may need to listen in more than one session!

To make regular listening easier, the most powerful transmissions have been made into individual audios so you can choose to listen to shorter bursts of this powerful energy work each day.

The recording quality of this program is webcast quality. 

Filling and Floating You and Your Twin Flame - 5 mins

Being in a high vibration is so important for all areas of our lives. If we wish to have a happy, loving relationship then we need to have dealt with our own baggage and have raised our vibration so we can choose to act and respond with unconditional love.

This audio fills you and your Twin Flame with these high vibrations. Your Twin Flame doesn't need to listen for this energy to work, the universe will flow the loving energies to them when you listen.

The powerful energy work on this audio includes:

Filling you and your Twin Flame with Pure Love, Pure Light and Pure Truth

Filling, Flowing and Expanding

Floating, Floating, Floating


Releasing All Attacking Energies and Spells —  4 mins

There is a lot of dark energy including spells and curses that has and is attacking Twin Flames and True Loves to stop them from connecting and uniting in their physical lives and also stopping them from having loving relationships, feeling the amazing feelings of Pure True Love when they are physically united.

Spells, curses and black magic are very nasty energies and this needs releasing and removing so Twin Flames can unite and live their 'happily ever after'. I know many people don't believe there is such a thing, and the reason for that is because  there has been so much attacking going on that very few people have been able to live this happily ever after, which is something we should all be able to live!

The powerful energy work on this audio includes:

All energies stopping True Loves & Twin Flames from physically connecting on earth now

Filling all love - romantic love, family love, friendship love, soul mate love, all energies of love with Pure love, Light, Peace, Joy, Truth, Wisdom and Heaven

All energies attacking and sabotaging the connection of True Love, Twin Flames and Soul Mates


Twin Flame Disconnecting - 6 mins

 This attacking and sabotaging of Twin Flames being connected physically in happy loving relationships is a global attack, meaning that there is some kind of grid or matrix that connects everyone, which makes it harder to release the sabotaging energies. We need to do disconnecting energy work to be free from this global matrix / grid and all attacking energies.

This disconnecting energy is very powerful and includes:

Floating, Floating, Floating

Floating You and Your Twin Flame into the vibrations of Pure

Filling, Flowing & Expanding you and your twin flame with Pure Love, Pure Light, Pure Twin Flame Love

Disconnecting You & Your Twin Flame from all energies stopping and preventing Twin Flames from uniting & reuniting now

Disconnecting from All DNA programs stopping Twin Flames from connecting and reuniting now


Twin Flame Transmission - 7 mins

 Beautiful relaxing transmission, filling you with Pure energies and tuning into feeling.

The powerful energy work on this audio includes:


Feeling the energy of meeting your Divine soul mate, True Love, Twin Flame

Celebrating the reuniting of this Divine connection

Feeling the True Love and Pure love flowing, and feeling so happy

Feel your joy shining out to the world

Uplift and brighten those around you


Releasing doubts and fears of it’s not real.

Open your heart and feel Pure energies flow to you

Release past sorrow, pain and rejection

Feel your heart filling, expanding and flowing out


Flowing Pure Love to your soul

Releasing blocks to feeling your Divine connection

Feeling safe, loved and cherished by the universe

Feeling Divine guidance

Radiating Pure Love out to the world

Purifying your Being

Feeling loved by the universe, by yourself and your twin flame, friends and family

Living our happily ever after in Heaven on Earth


Twin Flame Call 1 - 1hr 42 mins

Powerful Energy Work with silent layers of 'Clearing the energies' and 'Filling and Floating with Pure Love' added. The energy work includes:

  • Twin Flames to reunite on earth NOW
  • Moral values not aligned
  • Male dominance is preventing Twin Flames from reuniting
  • Mind dominance - moving out of mind energy into heart and soul energy
  • Dreams get crushed by being told they can’t come true
  • Ungrounding us and our Twin Flames, so we can float into the highest vibration possible
  • Floating energy work to be in our highest vibration
  • Filling, Flowing & Expanding us and our Twin Flames with Pure Love
  • Going back to the beginning of time before separation and filling with Pure Love, Light and Truth
  • Filling the moment of separation and reversing the energies that caused the separation
  • Releasing shock, trauma and pain from the separation
  • Barriers that are separating Love and Light / Truth
  • Programs that bounce our Twin Flames back into mind energy after feeling and being in the heart and love energy
  • Separation / split is being repeated
  • Throat and sinus energy
  • Physical obstacles & blocks
  • Issues with expressing love and being open to receiving
  • Contracts, spirits & ghosts blocking connections
  • All religious contracts
  • Clearing all chakras
  • Family blocks current and past lives
  • Head, neck, throat and expression
  • Taking the leap of trust to connect physically
  • Fears of being hurt again, not worth the risk
  • Not believing that True Love will happen for us
  • Not feeling good enough
  • Fears, doubts and sabotage
  • Blocks and barriers to telepathic communication
  • Trauma, shame and abuse from past relationships
  • Beliefs, expectations around relationships, making a relationship work
  • Releasing all arguments, upsets, hurt and pain
  • Releasing spells and curses
  • Symbols, implants, grids, webs and all dark sabotaging

 The energy work on this call is so powerful that you may wish to listen in more than one session to have a more gentle experience of all this powerful energy work.


Twin Flame Call 2 - 1 hr 55 mins

Following on from the first call, doing more powerful energy work to help you easily connect / meet your Twin Flame and have a happy relationship together.

Energy work includes:

  • Opening Transmission - Feeling feelings
  • Throat - Expression of love, not been able to or not safe to express love
  • Hidden energies and blocks to throat and giving sharing and expressing love
  • 3rd Eye blocks
  • Trust, having doubts
  • Fear of intimacy, physical and emotional
  • Survival energies, mind saying that the mind comes first
  • Over analysing in the mind rather than feeling heart energy and taking action from the heart
  • Not trusting in the Power of Love
  • Where the Twin Flame love connection isn’t being felt, past hurts
  • Sending Pure Love to ourselves and our Twin Flames
  • Sending Pure Love to connecting physically on earth now
  • Lack of confidence around intimacy and relationships
  • Releasing male dominance and control
  • Repeating patterns, ceilings and limits stopping Twin Flame connection
  • Males not feeling connected to female energy, not felt loved and nurtured
  • All mind chatter and beliefs that we are not good enough physically to connect and have love
  • Dark sabotaging in various ways
  • Feeling the need to escape the intensity of Twin Flame love
  • All addictive behaviour preventing loving connection
  • Feeling unworthy due to past actions
  • Reactivating all missing DNA
  • Twin Flames being kept in male fighting energy
  • Constant obstacles and blocks preventing harmonious loving connection
  • Past experiences and patterns where something good happens and that is followed by something bad
  • Feeling our Twin Flame energy and thinking it’s our own energy
  • Disconnecting from webs, matrices and mind control
  • Separation
  • Whatever caused the separation at the beginning of time
  • Dark hijacking the good
  • Love being lost when the Twin Flame connection was lost, stopped loving ourselves because we stopped feeling love
  • Karma preventing loving connection



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