Releasing Dark Energies  - 13 Audio Package
Michelle Carter Divine Channel

Releasing Dark Energies - 13 Audio Package

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Do you feel like there is some energy or force messing up your life?

You're doing everything you've been told to do, to live in the flow and have a great life, but somehow things keep going wrong for?

If you feel like your life is being sabotaged then it most likely is!


I know from my own life that I had these feelings, that every time everything was finally falling into place then something totally weird would happen, out of nowhere, to sabotage it and ruin the well deserved good life that was about to happen.

Many people are affected by dark energies and are having a really hard life because of them. Most people don't talk about these issues and we are made to believe that we will attract bad to us if we do talk about dark energies, but the Truth is that not talking about it just keeps people alone, isolated, desperate and with no answers or solutions.
On top of that, there is also the issue of spells and curses. Again, most people don't believe or want to believe that spells & curses exist, because it is a scary thought when you have no means of dealing with it.

My experience of being attacked by dark energies and spells & curses means I know how damaging and destructive they can be and also how frightening it is to be in this situation. Being told they don't exist or to not be in fear really doesn't do a thing to help you at all! What we need is to be believed and given real solutions that do actually work - so now here is a very powerful audio package that will really shift out these destructive energies.

Once you own the package you can listen to the audios in your own time and at a pace that suits you, as many times as you need to. The more you do listen then the more you are shifting these nasty energies out of your life.



13 mp3 Audio Download Package

Michelle uses her amazing powerful Channeling abilities to channel very powerful Divine Energies to release dark energies.

Many Light Workers come to her for assistance to shift dark energies and she has become very well known for her abilities to do this powerful releasing of dark energies & also spells & curses.


Using some new very powerful techniques, these audios have a brand new layering embedded into them to really shift the energies out super quick! My advanced group are raving about my new techniques and how much better they are feeling when I use these techniques!

There are around 10 backing tracks embedded into each audio, to really shift out the dark energies as they release so the maximum energy work can be done with the minimum releasing issues. You will only hear a couple of these backing tracks fading in and out of your left and right ear when you listen through headphones. The others are silent so the audios sound calm and easy to hear.

These powerful multi-layers are getting rid of all the releasing energies as they release and filling with Divine Light and other powerful Divine energies to ensure that the release is as effective as possible with minimal feeling of these energies as they release.


  • Audio 1: Releasing all dark energies from the whole of your Mind
  • Audio 2: Releasing all dark energies from the whole of your Body
  • Audio 3: Releasing all dark energies from the whole of your Spirit
  • Audio 4: Releasing all dark energies from the whole of your Energy FIeld
  • Audio 5: Releasing all dark energies from the whole of your Throat
  • Audio 6: Releasing all dark energies from the whole of your Heart
  • Audio 7: Releasing all dark energies from the whole of your Soul
  • Audio 8: Releasing all dark energies from the whole of your Being

The audios are short, approximately 1 minute long, (dark - all is approx 2 mins), releasing dark energies from each area of your being.

They are very powerful and work through many layers of energy, working deeper each time you listen.



If you have been abused or attacked in any way then you most likely have some programming that is affecting you and your life, In fact, we can be programmed by so many people during our lifetimes that most people have loads of dark programs running that they may or may not be aware of. Abusive relationships are an example of dark programming when you are being constantly put down and belittled. We can also be programmed by people who say they are doing healing work but then do dark work instead. This programming needs to be released and all the unwanted dark programs need to reversed. This audio was requested by many of my customers to reverse any programming that may have been done during your life from any people, dark energies or any energies that were not totally Pure.

This recording has been worded to be very powerful and uses Divine Light & Divine Truth to release the dark energies whilst filling all space with Divine Light, Truth & Justice. This is very powerful.

The audio will work on all bad & dark programming that is affecting you and your life. Repeated listening will work on deeper layers and will on issues that you may not even be aware of. Since this audio is working very deeply, it is advised to only listen once a day every couple of days, to allow the energies to process and leave in between each listening.




This audio has been requested by so many people, whose lives are being plagued by spells and curses.

Many issues that we have can be caused by a spell or curse without us even knowing this. 

Recent work on a group has shown that allergies, hay fever etc actually responded better to the spells and curses audio than other releasing audios. (This does vary from person to person and not everyone is affected by spells and curses, in fact many people are not.)

Our belongings can also be affected by spells and curses, often our computers or phones will play up for no reason and then when this spells & curses audio is played the issues just go! Sometimes an issue can be dark energies and sometimes it can be spells and curses and the right release is needed to shift the issue.

The release is a very powerful way to remove spells, curses and witchcraft that have been placed on you and your belongings. Any of our belongings can also be affected by spells and curses, often our computers, phones or cars will play up for no reason and then when this spells & curses audio is played the issues just go!

This audio is truly amazing & has been called a piece of Divine Magic! It is very powerful and will not only work on spells & curses placed on you but will also work, when played on loop, for your computer and belongings.




Feel safe and protected with this powerful audio.

A totally easy and safe way to feel and be protected.

You can play this audio when you are out to always feel safe, knowing that Pure Light is filling and protecting you, your energy field and the immediate area around you.

It fills you and your energy field with Pure Source Light to protect you and repel dark energies attacking you. Also you can use this audio to clear any space you are in, your home, car, computer and belongings and take it out with you to feel safe when on the move.

This Pure Light Protection audio has the protection work being done in a very powerful silent layer, so you hear the calming and filling layer, whilst the protection energy work is being done really powerfully behind the scenes.

There are over 10 additional layers of energy work and some of these layers are multi-layered, making this audio very powerful and now includes clearing the releasing energies away and filling you with Pure Love & Light, as it protects you.

Using Pure Source Light is incredibly powerful, and I have been using it throughout my energy work, often having it playing on silent loop whilst doing energy work and throughout live calls.



Sometimes people get a little over enthusiastic and listen to too many audios all at once, or too close together! This Super Clearing Transmission will get rid of all the unwanted energies as they leave. Dark energies, as I'm sure you already know, are really nasty energies and can be nasty as they leave, so this audio works to ensure they leave quickly and easily!

This clearing audio has added multi-layers of backing tracks, which really enhance the power of this already super powerful clearing transmission.

The clearing is just under 8 minutes long and uses powerful Divine energies to clear all releasing energies through the whole of your mind, body, spirit, energy field, throat, communication & expression, heart, soul and whole being, so it is a very thorough clearing of your whole energy. You will be amazed at how much energy actually releases when you listen to this audio!

This audio can be played on loop 24/7. The more you play it, the more it will shift out all releasing energies and symptoms that you may feel from the releasing so you move into feeling good faster! It will work on low volume and silent, but it is more powerful if you listen through headphones.



This powerful multi-layered audio will also really help to shift out the dark energies. The Law of Attraction says that Like attracts Like & opposites repel, so playing Divine Light will repel the dark energies as they release and help you to feel safe and protected. It is also filling up any space created by the dark energies leaving with Divine Light so your energy is constantly being filled with Pure Divine Light.

It is important when doing releasing energy work to also fill with Divine Energies, so any space created from the releasing work is being filled with divine energies to ensure no low vibrations can come into this space. It is recommended that you listen to this audio before and after the releasing audios to really purify and cleanse your energy and have Divine Light flowing through you.

Filling with Divine Light is a very powerful way to change your vibration and shift blocks and obstacles.

The words are 'Filling with Divine Light' repeated, in layers through the left and right headphones, with Divine Love on silent in the background, making a total of 4 layers of powerful Love & Light Divine Energy

This is a short audio around 1 min long that can be played on loop to act as protection, to fill you, the space you are in or the connection between you and other people with Divine Light.. You can also play this audio when you are out, at work or shopping, visiting friends and family, to lift the vibration of the people and energies around you.

Listening through headphones will enhance the power of the audio, but you can play it on silent.You can play this audio on loop, (once you are used to the audios)

These audios are really very powerful, so please do bear this in mind when listening and only listen when it is safe for you to do so, ie. not whilst driving or needing your full concentration. You may feel light headed afterwards or need some quiet time to process these energies. 

"You are nothing short of a miracle worker! I have had 5 other healers in the last year try to tackle the dark energies that were holding my body and my life hostage and they barely scratched the surface. After one live session, one phone session and using your audio releasing packages I finally feel like I am free. After a year in hell I am getting my life back on track. I am looking forward to clearing out the remaining debris in the next couple of weeks in your new Intensive program. No limitations! Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart!"  -  Beth Joy

"I played your Releasing Dark Energies audios every morning for months, and after a lifetime of horrendous shit (sorry, but there's no other word for it), I finally feel a lot freer. Words escape me really. Despite years of endless effort I truly began to wonder if I ever would - it was so horrid for so many years - but at the moment I feel brand new. Unbelievable feeling."  - Danielle 

"I was brought up in a family of very dark energies. My mother was mentally ill, and I had an older sister who was narcissistic and very cruel. As a result of being on the receiving end of so much abusive energy I have lived my life feeling entangled and controlled by what I defined as negative and dark forces. At times in the past as I did my therapeutic work and began to face my inner demons and terror I often felt what I described as a possession.

Then I discovered you and your energy work. I did the dark energy package with such relief and success that I no longer have these beliefs or the experience of same. I highly recommend this work to all who have these been abused ,are in abusive relationships or who feel the presence of dark forces. Occasionally I feel the urge for a tune up and replay one or more of the recordings.

So thank you for this and all of your healing work." - Lucetta, North Carolina, USA  



"In the past I have been shut down with the effects of dark energies. They have created a lot of fear in me and stopped me moving forward with my life. Then I connected with Michelle and her work. Her work with clearing dark energies has made a huge difference in my life. I no longer have the fear and the effects of the dark energies holding me back and I am now able to move forward with a sense of freedom. I feel safe, protected and I have my power back and I have a wonderful tool with her audios that I can turn to if ever I feel the need. Michelle is a true inspiration with her attitude, courage and determination in the work she does to free people of the dark so they can shine their lights and be all that they are meant to be. Thank you Michelle, I will be forever grateful."  -  Dawn, New Zealand

"Over the past few months working with Michelle's dark energies audios has freed and cleared more energy than I could have ever imagined. Michelle's ability to channel combined with her integrity makes it possible for all of us to find our way towards living in a freer and loving way. Always grateful!"  -  Karen - Palo Alto, CA, USA    

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